Bankroll Reload 3 Lines Slot is a Classic 3-Reel Fun With Big Jackpot

Bankroll Reload 3 Lines slot game is a simple slot game that’s great fun to play and has a big jackpot worth 6000 coins. This 3-line slot game from Pragmatic Play (formerly Top Game) has fancy Las Vegas style graphics and it is available at a large number of gaming sites. It is part of a series that consists of a 1-line and a 5-line version.

The game has been reworked to be playable on mobile devices. This is a highly entertaining game in spite of its simplicity and the lack of fancy bonus features. The top jackpot which can touch £30,000 is another really good incentive to try out this game.

Bankroll Reload 3 Lines Slot Structure

This is a 3 reel slot with 3 pay lines. Gamblers can wager a maximum of 3 coins per spin with a coin value of anything from 1p to £5. However, the jackpot of 6000 coins can only be won if all the pay lines are active. The maximum jackpot for a single pay line is 1000 coins and for two pay lines is 3000 coins. The gameplay is enhanced thanks to an autoplay feature which allows players to keep gambling for up to 99 additional spins without any interruption. Since the maximum spin cost is just £15, this is a very good game for novices and players who want to stretch their bankrolls to the maximum extent.

The game is also available in free practice mode to anyone who wants to try it out without wagering any money.

Bonus Features in Bankroll Reload 3 Lines Slot

The game, as mentioned earlier, is a fairly simple one and it does not have any bonus features. Furthermore, it does not have a progressive jackpot. There aren’t any bonus multipliers in the game as well.

Free Spins

Bankroll Reloaded 3 Line slot game does not have to offer any free spins. In fact, it doesn’t even have a scatter symbol.

The Standard Wild Symbol

The golden seven symbol is used as this game’s wild and it can substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. This is also the game’s jackpot symbol. Since the game doesn’t have scatters or bonus symbols, there are no restrictions on the symbols that the wild can substitute for.

The Highest Paying Reel Symbols

The symbols used in this slot game are the ones most commonly found in penny slots. They include Golden Seven, Single BAR, Double BAR, Triple BAR, and Golden Star. The Golden Seven symbol has the highest value (in addition to being the Wild symbol). The Golden Star symbol comes next in value, paying 200 coins (or a maximum of £1,000) if three lands on an active pay line at the same time. The bankroll symbol has the least value, but players will get a prize even if a single symbol lands on the reels.

Our Opinion of Bankroll Reload 3 Line Slot Game

This slot game’s classic look and feel make it very popular with players of different experience levels. The best thing about this game is that it gives out winning combinations easily and that too at a remarkably frequent pace. Combined with the fact that players can wager anything from 1p per spin to get large jackpots, this makes Bankroll Reload 3 Line slot game a very lucrative one to play even with novice players.

As a matter of fact, we just put the game on autoplay mode to see how many wins we could notch up and we were pleasantly surprised with our overall haul. Players who get confused by bonus games and complicated gameplay will certainly enjoy the simplicity of this one. Therefore, we would certainly recommend this game to our readers.

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