Manic Millions Slot: NextGen’s Frankenstein!

Manic Millions is a fantastic slot machine game which was inspired from the famous novel about Doctor Frankenstein. In the novel, Doctor Frankenstein who had created the legendary monster which is now popularly known as Frankenstein. The theme of this game revolves around Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory where he creates some really interesting monsters.

The game has some funky graphics and a fun background music which engages the player even more. The graphic style is cartoonish and hence, gives the player a feeling of a fun game as opposed to a gambling feeling, which comes from the standard casino games.

In this game, the player helps the crazy scientist create some amusing monsters by pulling a lever and spinning the wheel. The game also has some rewards and wild card surprises as well.

The game is very engaging as compared to some of the other slot machine games since the player is more involved into the creation of the monster and he also gets some bonus moves with the wild card introduction.

Playing the Game

This slot machine game includes 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

This game gives the player some big chances to big wins. Manic Millions is hosted by a character named Igor who keeps giving away some wilds and bonuses which the player can redeem as free spins.

The game has an interesting graphic element to it. The visuals of the game include Professor Igor standing the left-hand side of the screen and Frankenstein on the right-hand side (from where he pulls the lever).

The slot machine then spins and helps the player win some crazy rewards. The slot machine combinations also include some wilds which are given out by Professor Igor. It also includes some Manic Million Bonuses.

The other symbols on the slot machine are a variety of colored potions, a wicked mouse, a carnivorous plant and a gooey looking head with a colored mask on it. These figures and symbols give a creepy feeling to the game and the background music adds a fun feel to it. Staying true to its name, the game the player an overall experience of a scary but fun game to play.

The crazy Professor also throws some Scatters during the game which gives the player an additional 10 free games to play.

Rewards and Payouts

As mentioned earlier, the game gives out some huge payouts to its players. The gamer can win from $0.25 to as much as $625 per spin. The high amount of win only for a high level of players.

The Wilds and Bonuses offered in the games gives the players some great chances of winning in the earlier levels itself. It gives the 25 times more wins in the early levels which motivates the player to keep and playing. Also, the free spins offered gives the player a chance to win up to 1250 coins, which is an extremely rewarding incidence for a gambler or a gamer.

Device Compatibility

This game is also compatible with all devices. It’s a very nice game for everyone who loves to play while they are travelling or walking around or simply prefer operating through a mobile or portable device.


In short, Manic Millions is a fun game which will end up appealing to a lot of people visually and in terms of engagement and enjoyment. The characters and other graphic elements in the game are eye-catchy and entertaining.

The fact that the game is compatible with all devices is also a value addition for the game who chooses to be hooked on to the game all the time.

It’s another promising game introduced by NextGen which is there to stay in the market!

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