Slotegrator’s Webinar to Provide Online Gambling Through Telegram

Telegram has today become the most popular and trendy instant messaging service. This messaging service is available on both desktop and mobile phones. This service has been developed by Pavel Durov with the aim to offer end-to-end encrypted messaging and high level of customization to the users.

Telegram has gained immense popularity due to its outstanding features and those who cherish security prefer only Telegram.

Telegram Makes Way to Online Gambling

According to the media reports, Vadim Potapenko and Roman Kuts are planning to host a Slotegrator’s Telegram webinar. The webinar is going to be held on December 28 starting at 3 PM in Moscow. This webinar will be entirely emphasized upon the reasons for the operators to open online casinos on this instant messaging service. However, this plan is not very new, as the idea of blending the utility of Telegram with the potential of online gambling has been discussed upon earlier also.

While talking about the major theme of the webinar, the speakers will debate about the ways in which online casinos can be launched on Telegram. The representatives will put light on different topics and will consider every aspect of it. The best part about this webinar is that the participants who are going to be a part of it will learn about the nature of Telegram casinos. They will have an opportunity to learn about the ways to create and set up a gambling operator on Telegram. The advantages of doing so will also be highlighted in this webinar.

In addition to this, you must know that Telegram has occupied a very important place in the instant messaging industry due to its extraordinary features that other messaging services lack. The idea of launching casinos on Telegram is going to be innovative and will offer great advantages to both the players and the gambling operators.

Better Security With Telegram

Telegram has become the highly secured messaging service as it uses data enciphering in order to safeguard its users. It simply means that all your data and other personal details will be kept confidential if you are using Telegram. The biggest advantage of this security feature is for the punters who play with larger amounts. It is often seen that players restrict placing a bet of maximum amount worrying about the safety of the platform at which they are gambling. However, with Telegram, nothing is to be worried about.

You can place the wager of as much amount as you want on Telegram without being concerned about the safety. Thus, the high rollers are free to gamble in their own style. To add on, this application is very simple to use with easy interface and easy messaging features. It means that you will not face any issues when you will use it for the first time.

The Bottom Line

The Telegram developers and online gambling operators are now looking forward to the webinar and are expecting a positive result of the same. The different specialists and Slotegrator are also expected to provide more information on the various benefits of online casinos that will be based on telegram messaging service.

Moreover, another thing that makes Telegram a highly preferred application is that it has been developed keeping in mind the tablets and smartphone users. If you have a tab or a smartphone, you will be able to download Telegram and can play your favorite online slot games on this platform only after the webinar has taken place in late December.

So, get ready to enjoy the slot gambling at your convenience and at any time!

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The Increasing Value of Bitcoin in the Online Casino World

The concept of Bitcoin has elevated to the greatest heights in the online gambling world. It has gained new spotlight with every next casino valuing it. Bitcoin, the most advanced crypto-currency has made the online transactions safer and smoother. It has enabled the casinos to offer their gaming products to the international audience at a much competitive rates. Today, almost every casino has incorporated the option of Bitcoin while some have become only Bitcoin casinos.

3 Prominent Benefits & the Increasing Value of Bitcoin

#1-Well-suited for Online Gambling

The foremost advantage of using Bitcoin is that it is the real money and is perfectly ideal to be used for different goods and services. It gives an opportunity to the players to explore the casino offering thoroughly and make the best of it. The best part is that the players can enjoy the gaming products while maintaining a good level of privacy. It means that it keeps the confidentiality of the players intact.

#2-Zero Transaction Fees

If you are receiving any payment through Bitcoin then you do not have to pay any transaction fee at all. Yes, you heard that right. The transaction fee is actually paid by the sender only and not by the receiver. This option has made Bitcoin very appealing and has captivated the attention of millions across the world. In addition to this, Bitcoin is not obstructed by any credit card acceptance, bank partnerships and people do not have to wait for days to get their funds cleared.

#3-No Monthly Statement

Bitcoin is that one payment option that leaves no paper behind. There is no monthly statement here like you receive it in your credit card payments and bank transfers. You must know that the information regarding the receiver, sender or the purpose of transfer money is kept confidential at all times in Bitcoin.

Concerns About Bitcoin

It is a fact that over the years, many online casinos have accepted this crypto-currency due to its several benefits. No doubt, there seems a good scope of Bitcoin in the coming years with its more popularity and worldwide acceptance. However, there is one major concern that is still bothering the nations and the casinos. There are doubts that whether Bitcoin will be able to make its way to the Brick and mortar gambling casinos or not. Achieving only online popularity and acceptance is not just enough for Bitcoin to expand, as it will have to reserve its place in the traditional casinos. On the other hand, for a nation to go entirely digital, it is important to promote Bitcoin over other banking methods.

In addition to this, it is true that craze for both online gambling and sports betting is soaring high among the people of all age groups. They are considered in the mainstream nowadays and Bitcoin has a pivotal role here. It is through Bitcoin only that sports lovers are placing their bets and making the withdrawals with no hassles. It is expected to see that the casinos that still have not incorporated Bitcoin will think over its numerous benefits and will do the needful. Only by keeping an open mind, casinos will be able to accept Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin casinos must appeal to the punters to encourage this crypto-currency by making payments through it. If required, casino should run ads to make audience aware about the safety and security factors of Bitcoin and list some good reasons for them to accept Bitcoin. To improve the state of affairs and make casino transactions quick & safe, it is highly significant to spread knowledge about Bitcoin and encourage it.

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Manic Millions Slot: NextGen’s Frankenstein!

Manic Millions is a fantastic slot machine game which was inspired from the famous novel about Doctor Frankenstein. In the novel, Doctor Frankenstein who had created the legendary monster which is now popularly known as Frankenstein. The theme of this game revolves around Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory where he creates some really interesting monsters.

The game has some funky graphics and a fun background music which engages the player even more. The graphic style is cartoonish and hence, gives the player a feeling of a fun game as opposed to a gambling feeling, which comes from the standard casino games.

In this game, the player helps the crazy scientist create some amusing monsters by pulling a lever and spinning the wheel. The game also has some rewards and wild card surprises as well.

The game is very engaging as compared to some of the other slot machine games since the player is more involved into the creation of the monster and he also gets some bonus moves with the wild card introduction.

Playing the Game

This slot machine game includes 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

This game gives the player some big chances to big wins. Manic Millions is hosted by a character named Igor who keeps giving away some wilds and bonuses which the player can redeem as free spins.

The game has an interesting graphic element to it. The visuals of the game include Professor Igor standing the left-hand side of the screen and Frankenstein on the right-hand side (from where he pulls the lever).

The slot machine then spins and helps the player win some crazy rewards. The slot machine combinations also include some wilds which are given out by Professor Igor. It also includes some Manic Million Bonuses.

The other symbols on the slot machine are a variety of colored potions, a wicked mouse, a carnivorous plant and a gooey looking head with a colored mask on it. These figures and symbols give a creepy feeling to the game and the background music adds a fun feel to it. Staying true to its name, the game the player an overall experience of a scary but fun game to play.

The crazy Professor also throws some Scatters during the game which gives the player an additional 10 free games to play.

Rewards and Payouts

As mentioned earlier, the game gives out some huge payouts to its players. The gamer can win from $0.25 to as much as $625 per spin. The high amount of win only for a high level of players.

The Wilds and Bonuses offered in the games gives the players some great chances of winning in the earlier levels itself. It gives the 25 times more wins in the early levels which motivates the player to keep and playing. Also, the free spins offered gives the player a chance to win up to 1250 coins, which is an extremely rewarding incidence for a gambler or a gamer.

Device Compatibility

This game is also compatible with all devices. It’s a very nice game for everyone who loves to play while they are travelling or walking around or simply prefer operating through a mobile or portable device.


In short, Manic Millions is a fun game which will end up appealing to a lot of people visually and in terms of engagement and enjoyment. The characters and other graphic elements in the game are eye-catchy and entertaining.

The fact that the game is compatible with all devices is also a value addition for the game who chooses to be hooked on to the game all the time.

It’s another promising game introduced by NextGen which is there to stay in the market!

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Dragon Shrine Slot: Quickspin Debuts Oriental Themed Slot Game

Quickspin is a well known casino game developer that has a big impact on the gambling industry thanks to the high quality of its games. The games are simple yet well made, which makes them great fun to play. The company has made a great many slot games, but this time it has launched one with a Far Eastern theme. Known as Dragon Shrine (but originally called Dragon Diamond), this slot game is very attractive and it promises to offer a great deal of fun. In fact, the company doesn’t release games very frequently, but when it does the games always manage to attract a great deal of attention.

What attracts you to the Dragon Shrine slot game is its glowing and beautiful look.

The game makes ample use of Chinese visuals on a bright blue screen. Interestingly, it has a very modern vibe to it. The visuals are polished and radiant, contributing to the classy look of the game. The gameplay is also very interesting. It’s clear that a lot of care has gone into designing the game.

The Dragon Shrine slot game has 5 reels and 40 pay lines. The game has very attractive features such as locking Wilds, Free Spins bonus, and plenty of re-spins. The Dragon symbol will give you three times your bet when it appears on your screen. The Wilds have the ability to substitute all the game’s symbols except for the Scatters, and they can get you 10 times your total wager. The Dragon Stack Respin feature is also great fun since it can activate 3 re-spins while also freezing Wilds or Dragon symbols to get you bigger wins. This feature is activated from the 1st or the 5th reel. The Free Spins feature gives you the chance of winning 20 free spins back to back.

The Dragon Shrine slot game is available at a number of casinos that feature Quickspin games. These include Betspin, Rizk, and Casumo online casinos. It can be played on any device and it has been designed to be compatible with all popular operating systems. It loads very quickly and can be played without any interruption. Therefore, you’ll be able to play it on your mobile device and not just on a PC.

The game also has a 96% RTP, which is fairly standard in the online gaming industry.

While there is no guarantee that you will get back 96% of your wagers, it definitely means that you have a good chance of winning some money!

Some casinos also offer the Dragon Shrine slot free of cost, which is a good thing in case you feel like playing without wagering any money. You won’t be able to win any money if you play slots for free, but this is a good way to try out a game before you commit any money to it.

About the Developer

Quickspin has managed to build its reputation in the very short time it has been in business. Started in 2012, this Swedish company has some of the most experienced game designers on its rolls. It isn’t just a gaming software developer; the company also provides complete software solutions to its clients. Quickspin has been acquired by Playtech, but the larger company has agreed to keep Quickspin’s executive team on because of their immense contribution to the company. Furthermore, the Quickspin brand will continue on its own.


The Dragon Shrine slot game is definitely worth trying out since it is exciting and fast paced. It also gives you lots of opportunities to win money. Find out which casino offers this game so that you can try it out.

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China Pushes On With Crackdown On Online Gambling

The Chinese government continues its push against all forms of gambling by strictly enforcing its laws against even advertising and promoting this activity. The government has forbidden all forms of gambling, and it is only tolerated in the autonomous territory of Macau.

In a worrying new development, the Chinese government has arrested a number of employees of popular casino operator Crown Resorts Ltd. Eighteen Chinese and three Australian employees of the casino were arrested initially because of their work involving the promoting of gambling to high rollers from China. This is the first time that the Chinese government has directly targeted the practice of Chinese travelling abroad to gamble.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that three citizens of the country had been formally charged by Chinese officials and were in custody at that time.

Ms. Bishop also added that consular officials would soon be granted access to the Australians.

The Chinese government has been under a lot of criticism because of its restriction of its citizens’ civil rights. When it comes to gambling as it does to many other illegal activities, the Chinese impose many harsh penalties on people who break the law. People who are caught managing online gaming sites, and even the ones who advertise these services on their sites, are punished severely. The government is going so far as to target live streamers because it suspects they have been busy advertising land and internet based casinos operating in different parts of the world. Many of these live streamers have actually been promoting e-sports betting sites.

The Chinese Ministry Of Culture definitely takes its job of upkeeping socialist values very seriously. While this might have been a relatively easy task earlier, the spread of the internet has made the ministry’s job much more difficult. Even so, it is targeting people who use the internet to access websites that offer gambling and other banned activities.

The arrest of casino operator’s employees illustrates the risks associated with offering gambling services in countries where it is illegal. The fact that the online gambling industry operates across borders exposes these people to various levels of risk.

The gambling industry is also very concerned that the Chinese crackdown could damage business in the long term, especially from much desired high rollers. In fact, there are fears that the government has launched a new offensive against the business by targeting business located abroad that are eager to get Chinese business.

Casinos in Australia are eager to attract customers from China because this is a very large market. Not only do large numbers of Chinese tourists travel to Australia to gamble but there are also many high rollers from this market. Incidentally, approximately 12% of the turnover at Australian casinos comes from China which makes this a very important market indeed. If companies are unable to advertise in this market they are sure to lose out on potential revenues.

The Chinese crackdown has also created tremors in the New Zealand gambling industry.

Local gambling operator SkyCity also agreed that the industry would suffer if Chinese high rollers were unable or unwilling to travel abroad to gamble. Even so SkyCity Entertainment Group chief John Mortensen said that while his company valued business from China it would always comply by the country’s laws. Incidentally, foreign gamblers contribute 15% of the company’s revenues. SkyCity received around 9% of the international gambling business in Australasia, with 50% of the customers originating in China. The company would be looking to other countries in Asia to bring in VIP players.

The situation has also made gaming operators in Macau feel jittery, and they are careful to follow all laws scrupulously.

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Internet Gambling Set To Go Mobile in a Big Way

One of the biggest strengths of the gambling industry is its early and enthusiastic adoption of new technologies that can dramatically improve the customer experience. The industry embraced the internet with the result that online gambling has been expanding at a very fast pace. Of course, customers were initially hesitant to switch from land based to online casinos especially because they felt that the internet was not safe. However, the industry addressed this and other concerns very quickly by making use of the right technology and processes.

Mobile gambling is the next big thing in the industry although this really shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone. Smartphones have become ubiquitous these days, and it’s not uncommon to see people use their handheld devices to access the internet for all sorts of purposes. Besides, the latest smartphones are much better and faster than their predecessors. Therefore, while the number of people using smartphones for gambling was around 60 million on 2013, this number is expected to swell to 180 million by 2018.

It is clear to see that smartphones are here to stay in the online gambling industry. Operators will have to factor this in if they wish to succeed in this highly competitive and fast evolving industry. They will be swept away by the rising tide of mobile gambling much in the same way that many high street bookmakers went out of business thanks to online gambling. Therefore, operators have to find out ways to provide customers with the most fun, immersive, and safe gambling experience.

As of now online gambling operators have introduced mobile casino sites and even mobile apps to tap into this growing business. Games developers are designing games that will load quickly and fully on smaller screens. In fact, the quality of mobile gaming is really quite slick these days. However, there’s a lot more to be done to ensure an exciting experience.

Integrating Peripherals

Gamers would really enjoy being able to use all their smartphone peripherals to enjoy as completely immersive gambling an experience as possible. As the smartphone industry expands to include a number of peripherals (watch, glasses, and most importantly, virtual reality headsets) it will soon be possible to gamble on them. Of course, the peripherals need to be made available at affordable prices because this is a major factor that keeps people from buying them. Incidentally, Microgaming already has a simple roulette game available for VR gaming. Once the hardware for VR is developed fully and available at a good price then developers will most certainly respond by designing lots of games.

Social Gaming

Social online gaming hasn’t become very popular, with the exception of poker and bingo. In fact, most of the games featured on online casinos are designed to be played by single players. However, the industry is of the opinion that there is immense potential in the social gaming vertical, given that people enjoy spending a lot of time on social media. It probably will take some time for this to develop. Perhaps in the future, players will be able to interact with each other in real time while they are playing or perhaps when they take a break from it.


There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that mobile phones will have a very important role to play in how the gambling industry develops in the future. The industry is a highly competitive one and it faces a great many challenges. However, one can safely say that the ones who will benefit the maximum from all future developments in the industry are the players.

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Bitcoin – One of The Safest Methods to Send and Receive Payments Online

With the advent of technology, the modes of payment online have also improved. While talking about the online gaming sites, they have become more aware and alert about the cyber-crime and the safety of the player’s money. In order to keep the money transactions complete safe and secured, online casinos have come up with the option of Bitcoin. Yes, this is the newest method of making payments and today, you will see sites that are totally dedicated to Bitcoin. This entire exchange of digital currency is known as cryptography.

However, these latest techniques have not been able to attract all. It is simply because the older generation and many others have still not understood the working of such technique and remain stick to the traditional payment methods. Thus, if you are one of these who is still wondering about how this digital currency and methods work then you must read this article further.

Steps to Use Bitcoin Correctly

Create a Wallet

To start with; you will first have to create a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet will enable you to send and receive the payments similar to PayPal. You must know that this Bitcoin account is your personal account through which you can make the payments without disclosing any of your details or other information. In addition to this, you can have two kinds of Bitcoin wallets including the desktop wallets and web-based wallet. The desktop wallets are required to be installed on your desktop, as it is software while the web based wallets are a much convenient option. Rest, it is entire your personal preference to choose whichever type suits you the best.

Loading Bitcoins

After you have created the wallet, it is the time to load coins into it. As an account holder of Bitcoin, you will be given a personal Bitcoin address, with which you can easily sell and buy. In addition to this, there are different options to get your Bitcoins loaded. The first option is using your own wallet to buy Bitcoins directly through it. Bitcoin exchanges are the exchange services through which you can trade different currencies for Bitcoin. The example of one such service is BTC China or Bitstamp. You can load Bitcoins through over the counter also. You can buy coins from other users directly upon a pre-agree price. When it comes to find the best traders, you can browse through the internet for it. The best option is Bitcoin ATMs. If you have a Bitcoin ATM near you then you can simply use your credit card to load Bitcoins.

Depositing Bitcoins in an Online Casino

If you are now thinking about the method to deposit Bitcoin in the casino then it is again an easier task. The entire depositing process is very easy to understand and perform. The best part is that this method is same in almost every casino. Thus, once you have understood it, you can use it anywhere. To start with, you will first have to make your account at the online casino that you have chosen and then confirm your email address for verification.

After signing up, you need to find the deposit menu and choose the option of Bitcoin as your currency. You will then have to copy the Bitcoin address of the casino and then open your Bitcoin wallet to select the ‘send money’ menu. After clicking the Bitcoin address, you will be directed to the payment screen. Now, just fill in the amount and make the payment.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Bitcoin is the safest and secured option to make the online transactions.

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Shanghai Beauty – The Most Unique Online Pokie By Far

Perhaps, the variety of online casino slots is just endless. The moment you sign up at any online casino, you can get hold of the finest and some of the unique slots. These casinos have hundreds and thousands of different games to entertain the players and keep their thrill intact at all times. Further, they all have a different theme, as some are based on a supernatural theme, horror theme, jewels theme and others. However, while talking about the latest online pokies, the Shanghai Beauty Online Pokie has become the most preferred among the players.

About Shanghai Beauty Online Pokie

This online pokie is not to be seen at every next online casino. It is one of its kind games, which has attracted the attention of the players like anything. This game is perfect if you wish to try something relaxing and with no action. This online pokie has the best of its enchanting sounds, amazing graphics and various other rewarding features. In addition to this, the game has a mystery jade box to award you with great cash.

Players can trigger 15 free spins if they have 3, 4 or 5 jade box symbols. During free spins feature, the entire wins are tripled and the best part is that you can retrigger these symbols. It means that the game offers improved chances of winning for the players. You can play this game on your mobile phone in either portrait or landscape mode, whichever suits you.

Royal Vegas Casino Offering Shanghai Beauty

The Royal Vegas casino is the first to offer this outstanding online pokie game. This casino is known to offer the most advanced and the newest variety of games every month. No doubt, it has everything to keep the players entertained every time when they sign up. In other online casinos, players find it very difficult to hunt for the best games with such a large variety of games present in an unorganized manner on the site.

In addition to this, some gaming websites are aimed for a particular audience only, which means that not all can access it. However, Royal Vegas casino is for all. The Shanghai Beauty online pokie at this casino has again reserved the top position. It is simply because the theme of this game is not universal in the casino gaming world. Thus, if you wish to expand your gaming lists then you must try this fantastic game.

Shanghai Beauty by Microgaming

Microgaming, the number one gaming developer has stunned its players by launching Shanghai Beauty online pokie. It is true that players are bound to think about the creativity and innovation of the company. Microgaming has always been able to stay fresh and updated with the most innovative online casino games. The reason behind the popularity of this developer is that it keeps on releasing more and more games. Thus, when a player thinks of Microgaming, he/she always has a new game in the mind. In fact, this particular developer keeps even the theme of all these games different. so, on single game is identical to some other. All are different and totally unique.

The Bottom Line

It can be clearly seen that the competition in the online casino gaming world is increasing to the heights. As a result, the developers like Microgaming and casino like Royal Vegas are trying their best to remain unique and favorite among the players. No doubt, the challenge of these developers and casinos has elevated to draw the attention of more and more players. When it comes to Shanghai Beauty online pokie, it is one such smart move that has proved to be a great success.

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The Ever Increasing Trend of Mobile Online Casinos

Wish to play your favorite casino slots even when you are traveling? Too tired to walk to the nearest casino? If yes then you must plan to visit mobile online casinos. Yes, you can now enjoy hundreds of casino games on mobile, tablet or iPad just by signing up at the casino that offers their mobile version of gaming. Do not worry! You will have the same thrill, excitement and fun as you have in a live casino. The sound effects, graphics and the live dealer will keep your interest in mobile online gaming intact.

The trend of mobile online casino has emerged after the revolution in the mobile industry. Since millennial today expect streamlining their entertainment needs on one single device, the mobile technology has developed drastically. Whether it is a high quality video, movie or a casino game, everything can be watched or played on your mobile phone only.

If you are still thinking about some good reasons to play slots and table games on mobile online casinos then read on following:

Benefits of Mobile Online Casinos


To start with, convenience is the foremost benefit of using mobile online casino. Today, a number of online casinos are offering their mobile version in order to let players enjoy their favorite games wherever and whenever they want. For instance, Royal Vegas Casino offers all its games on its mobile app. Thus, you do not have to be by the side of your computer or laptop every time. Whether you are bored of waiting for others in the meeting room, commuting in a train or sitting alone, you can just enjoy playing the slots through your mobile phone. Right from Roulette, Blackjack or other poker games, you can try it all on the mobile online casinos.

Saves Time

Yes, it is true that online mobile casinos actually save your time and money. When you visit a traditional or a land-based casino, you travel all that way and then spend time in car parking and then returning back. Thus, you tend to waste much of your time in doing all this. However, mobile online casinos do not demand much time. What all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection in it. Rest, you can start playing even at the odd hours. Sometimes when you do not wish to visit a traditional due to hectic schedule but still crave to try that slot, you can always do that on your mobile within the comforts of your home.

Money Saver

So, if you are playing on mobile online casino then you are sure to save your hundreds of dollars. Cost has become the major reason behind players not preferring land based casinos. When you plan to visit any physical casino, you spend your car fuel, parking fees and then on buying those drinks and snacks with it. Thus, you spend at least a hundred dollar in just a single visit to a physical casino. However, this cost is completely saved when you play the casino games on mobile. In fact, you can further use this money to play more games and earn more cash.

Therefore, mobile online casino has in it everything to keep your thrill and excitement together. It is the finest and the easiest way to access your much preferred casino games even at any odd place and time. Thus, just hunt for the reputed casino that offers its mobile gaming version and become a member of it. Make sure to read all the terms and rules before start playing. So, enjoy and make endless with favourite slots!

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Time to Experience the Wild Theme of Crystal Clear Online Slot

Wish to play the latest slot game? Want to try your hands at a unique casino game? If you are saying a big yes to these questions then you must play the Crystal Clear online slot. It is a game of three rows with five reels. Its creator, Realistic Games has tailored it with the best features and attractions in order to keep the player’s interest intact. The slot is available for the players on all those casinos that run NextGen Gaming’s NYX OGS software. What makes this slot unique is its unique kind of thrilling spinning reel after every win event.

The Diamond Wild Symbol

The Crystal Clear Online slot features a very attractive and useful wild symbol known as the Diamond Wild. The best part is that this symbol is the highest paying symbol of the game and creates its own winning combination. Every time when a player constitutes a pay line win, he/she is awarded with the coin credits. As a player, you must know that this wild symbol is assessed as a regular symbol win only, which means that the bet placed on every line, multiplies the diamond wild coin win. In addition to this, the diamond wild symbol can also substitute the identical crystal gemstones that are seen in the same pay line. It is true that your chances of winning will improve if the wild symbols are appearing more during your game.

The Bonus Features

This slot has a crystal clear bonus spin feature. This feature offers a free spin to the player on each win event. The most attractive part of this feature is that it fills the spinning reels with extra wild symbols. Thus, you can see all the present winning crystal gemstone turning to the wild emblems. However, this change does not apply to the diamond wild symbol. After these icons have transformed into the wild emblems, they will be an enhancement that will be applied to each reel of the game individually.

It is important to know that the odds of making winning combination actually increase if more diamond wilds are seen after each spin. Thus, more winning combinations will make you activate the crystal clear bonus spins feature. This particular bonus feature is great with its first three rounds.

According to its rule, if you have generated at least one winning combination on the first re-spin then you are likely to get another re-spin. In addition to this, more and more wilds will be added to the winning reels that possess the transformed icons. Hence, you can keep on enjoying these free games until the winning pay lines are constantly appearing on the reels. Nonetheless, the continuity of winning re-spins us terminated in this slot if the maximum prize of each spin has gone up to 10,000.

The Wild Symbol Counter

This counter keeps a record of wild enhancements that you have made in the game. When you will begin with the game, the spinning reels will be configured with eight diamond wilds on its own. You must know that after the win event, all the wild enhancements (the winning symbols transformed to wild enhancements) will actually set off the wild symbol counter. The counter will remain set off until the total number of wild icons that optimize every spinning reel is attained.

Therefore, it is sure that once you will start playing Crystal Clear online slot, you will become an addict of it. So, start browsing the finest online casino, become a member of it and try your hands at this amazing and one of its kind slot game.

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