Online Gambling Industry Taps Ethereum to Make Reliable and Zero House Edge Casinos

The online gambling industry has no doubt been expanding at a remarkable pace over the past few years, but it finds itself unable to escape from rumours of manipulation and other types of cheating by casino operators and cyber criminals. The industry urgently needs to communicate to the world at large that the majority of gambling sites are well-regulated and also that online gambling is absolutely fair and reliable. If it is unable to gain the trust of potential customers, investors, and operators, then the industry’s growth will be hampered.

The biggest areas of mistrust regarding the industry are:

  • Who owns the site, and whether it is owned by a well-established gambling organisation
  • Whether the site is programmed with fair coding and whether it can be changed at any time
  • How the numbers that result in wins or losses are generated
  • What the house edge is and whether players have a reasonable chance of winning

The $45 billion online gambling industry is now turning to Blockchain technologies, amongst others, to ensure that the games are trustworthy and can be verified as such. The Ethereum network is one of the blockchain technologies that is most likely to be used for this purpose and it is likely to bring about an unprecedented level of transparency to the business. Interestingly, technology entrepreneurs are increasingly looking towards the online gambling industry because they correctly identify it as one that requires new and innovative gaming platforms.
Smart Contracts For Increased Transparency

There are efforts being made to develop the use of Smart Contracts to verify whether number generation is completely independent. This will also enable outside parties to verify whether rules and regulations set down by government and industry bodies are being followed. This level of transparency will definitely cause operators and others to stay away from tampering with the process of games. While Blockchain is definitely a way to approach this, as can be seen from the example of, the other approach is to use a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) which doesn’t permit any tampering. DAOCasino is currently trying out this approach.

Zero Edge Gaming for Increased Trust

Online casinos can gain the trust of players by offering zero edge gaming since they clearly have nothing to gain from altering the outcome of any game. is a casino operating on the decentralised Ethereum network and it hopes to attract customers by the concept of transparent operations and absolutely random gaming without any element of house edge. Tomas Lukosaitis, the founder of, is looking forward to expanding his business by gaining the trust of customers. He also pointed out that while there are already quite a few casinos that offer transparency by using an Ethereum or Bitcoin network, the concept of zero edge gambling hasn’t yet been explored at length, making this casino a very unique one.

Quick and Easy Gambling

The other advantage of using Blockchain is that it enables money transfers to be done quickly and with negligible cost. Players no longer have to worry about the fate of their money transfers because they get instant confirmations. Interestingly, these casinos tend to offer far better house edges than conventionally operated ones even if they don’t go all the way to zero house edge. They tend to have a 1% house edge whereas conventional casinos can take this all the way up to 15%, depending on the games.

The new business model using Ethereum and other technologies is certainly worth looking forward to. There is a very good chance that the online gambling industry will triple in size once its trust issues can be resolved.

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Play’n GO Aims to Score High With Prissy Princess Slot Game

Well-known gaming software company Play’n GO has announced that it will be launching a slot in the month of February. The game has a decidedly chivalrous theme to it and it is known as Prissy Princess. As the name indicates, this game is centred around a princess. It has a medieval feel and it features knights battling dragons for the princess’ love.

An Attractive Looking Game: Prissy Princess Slot

Prissy Princess is, without doubt, an attractive looking game, considering that its background features a medieval castle. The screen also features dragons and the eponymous princess of the story. The symbols used in the game fit perfectly with its theme and they include shields, suits of armour, dragons, and also brave knights. The graphics have a very cartoon-like feel to them, and this gives the game a very fun and playful feel. The game also has a very catchy soundtrack that has a Hollywood feel to it.

There are 20 pay lines for you to try your luck on. The game also has 5 reels. The theme of the game might be medieval but its gameplay is absolutely modern. There are plenty of exciting features in the game and these help it stand out from most of the other games in the business. You can place a minimum wager of 20p on every spin in order to try your luck on this game. The maximum wager is £100 (in case you are feeling very adventurous). The wins can be really big here, like in most slot games, and you’ll have a great time trying to see if it is your lucky day. The symbol with the highest value is that of a knight with a pink rose. It can give you a win worth 300 coins.

Exciting Features of Prissy Princess Slot

The most exciting feature of the game is known as Crumbling Towers. During this feature, the reels that have a winning symbol will collapse, and their place will be taken by other reels. You will also get a re-spin during this feature. In case you are lucky enough to get four winning combinations when in the midst of playing Crumbling Towers then you get to unlock a mysterious Treasure Chest. There are massive cash prizes to be won from the treasure chest. If you are having a really lucky day then you can get back 100 times your bet. You could also get 5 times your wins from the re-spins.

The game also has scatter symbols which are knights with colourful banners. Getting three of these symbols during the Crumbling Towers feature launches another bonus feature called Tournament. This exciting bonus feature sees knights and dragons competing to win many challenges in order to win the hand of the princess. You have to choose a character at the beginning of the feature and can win 200 times your wager depending on how your character fares during the tournament.

There is also the Dragon’s Breath feature during which a maximum of three symbols can turn wild.

The game also has random wilds in addition to a stacked wild reel which happens when three knight symbols appear on the same reel. This last special feature is known as Dragon’s Pride.

What We Think of Prissy Princess Slot

This is a really unique and exciting game to play with huge wins to try for. You’ll be able to find it at a whole lot of casinos that feature Play’n GO games. Check out BetJoy Casino, Casino Cruise, or Video Slots Casino, amongst others, to play this game. You can play it on a wide range of devices including PCs and smartphones. The game software is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

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Betsoft Drops New 3D Slot Called Fa Fa Twins

Betsoft Gaming, the iGaming software developer that is leading the 3D revolution, has recently launched a brand new 3D video slot. Known as Fa Fa Twins, this game is the newest addition to its Slots3™ library which has been getting a lot of play of late. The game was launched at the recently concluded ICE 2017 at London where the Swedish game manufacturer’s stand justifiably received a great deal of attention from industry peers.

Unique and Attractive Game: Fa Fa Twins Slot

Fa Fa Twins is a unique and attractive game that is inspired strongly by Asian cultures, going by its visuals and its sumptuous colour scheme that makes ample use of gold and red. The title characters are 10-year-old girls rendered in the immensely popular Japanese Anime style and flanking the reels. While the twins do not appear on the reels, they play on the screen and jump for joy when the game is in motion. The symbols used in the game include Chinese pagodas, koi fish, bags filled with coins, a Maneki-neko cat, and playing card symbols starting from 10 and going all the way up to Ace.

The game has 5 reels and 3 rows as well as 243 different ways to win. It is immense fun to play because it is very fast paced and attractive. The minimum bet here is 0.02 credits and the maximum is 1 credit, which makes the Fa Fa Twins slot machine a fairly affordable game to play.

The most interesting feature of the game is its Dual Reel mechanism due to which any two reels side-by-side will have identical symbols. This duplication of icons can eventually spread to five reels and, needless to say, this can increase the player’s chances of winning a bonanza.

The game also has a feature called Double Up which gives the player the option of wagering half or eve their complete winnings for the chance of doubling a line win. It sounds very risky but the rewards can be really massive, especially when the Dual Reels come into play. There’s a chance that a really lucky player can win a maximum of 1,215,000 coins from just one spin. The game also has a Wild which occurs only from the 2nd to the 5th reels.

Stephen Jackman, Head of Product Development at the software company said that the team at Betsoft was especially thrilled to launch the Dual Reels feature because this offers many ways to get big wins. He also said that customers were sure to enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game.

About Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming has long been known for its innovative use of technology. The company, which is a Tier One developer, has been leading the push to develop proper 3D cinematic gaming. Betsoft has developed a library of more than 180 games so far and its Slots3™ series is a very important part of it. The development team at Betsoft aims for high quality graphics, and indeed, the animation and visuals of its games are often compared favourably to those in video games and movies. As a well-regarded provider of comprehensive online gaming software solutions, Betsoft lists many leading gambling operators as its clients. The company has been focusing on the fast-growing mobile gaming sector and has offered many of its games for mobile access.


Betsoft doesn’t seem to have put in a lot of work to develop the theme of the Fa Fa Twins slot game because there isn’t really any back story to it. However, its exciting gameplay compensates for all that. This is a really good game to try out, especially because of the big wins.

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New Playtech Slot can be Played at Online and Land Based Casinos

Prominent gaming content provider for online casinos, Playtech, has recently surprised the industry by launching a game that will be available for play at land-based betting shops in addition to internet based casinos. The game in question is known as Tiki Paradise and it was launched this month as an exclusive for Coral for a limited period. Coral has more than 300 betting shops located all over the United Kingdom.

Playtech Slots to be Featured at More Betting Shops Now

Once the exclusivity period is over, other partners of Playtech will have access to Tiki Paradise and the game will then be featured at more than 1800 betting shops in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Playtech is correctly advertising Tiki Paradise as a unique Omni-Channel game since it has certain one-of-a-kind functionalities. As a matter of fact, players will only be able to enjoy the game to the fullest when they play it on the internet (using a PC or mobile device) and also at a land based betting shop. Coral players will have to use their Coral Connect Card when playing this game at shops. This will continue to be the case as the game is launched with other operators; players will have to sign in using the operator’s reward program in order to access all the functionalities of the game.

Tike Paradise: A Playtech Slot

Tiki Paradise starts off fairly normally in that it has five-reels and 10 pay lines. It has to be played in a betting shop at the outset. The game pays out when at least three symbols appear on the screen when seen from left to right. There is a Wild Symbol in addition to a Scatter symbol that awards up to 10 free spins. The game also has a Wild Nights feature that is launched randomly to offer a number of extra chances to win. These include a Win Shuffle that shuffles the reels, and a stacked wild reel.

What makes the game really unusual is that extra game features get available when the game is played on the internet. The developers have built in a 14-day window after it is played in a shop within which it has to be engaged with on the internet. This will unlock additional features during the game’s free spin bonus.

There is another surprise to be had from Tiki Paradise, but for this the players will have to access it from a gambling shop once again. The unlocked features will not be available even when the game is played at a shop. However, the player will have to come back within 14 days in order to get this option.

Playtech’s One Platform

Playtech is clearly very serious about stealing a march over its competitors because this game is definitely going to see a lot of play over the next few months. The company’s CEO Shimon Akad sounded very optimistic about the game and also the company’s long term prospects when he called Tiki Paradise the smartest new game on the Playtech ONE platform.

Akad also pointed out that the Playtech ONE platform was a pioneer in permitting increased rewards and enhanced free spins features across land based and online channels in order to provide customers with a unique user experience. He also said that the company was committed to supplying its customers with state of the art technology to enable them to operate gaming businesses successfully. Licensees will find Tiki Paradise especially profitable since it will incentivize sign ups to their loyalty programmes, thereby leading to responsible play with fewer instances of anonymous gaming.

Ladbrokes Coral’s executive Mark Kemp said that the company looked forward to launching more of these games with Omni-channel content because of the many advantages it offers.

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Never Used Before Tips and Tricks to Select an Online Casino

Are you planning to sign up at an online casino? Confused among so many options available?

If yes, then you have landed up at the right page. It is true that there are hundreds of online casinos present today on the internet. However, not all are offering the best gaming products and are not regulated. For a safer and unique gaming experience, you need to sign up only at genuine casinos else, you can actually fall in troubled waters. Here, you will get an insight into some great ways to hunt for the best casino available in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Its Reputation in the Industry

The casino at which you are planning to sign up must have good reputation in the casino industry. You should try joining the casino that you recognize well and is popular. For this, you can always read the customer feedback that are published on the casino site. It will give you an insight of the casino’s quality of gaming products and other details.

Must Be Regulated and Licensed

This is the most important factor while considering any online casino. The casino should be regulated and licensed by the industry. It should be operating legally in the market. It will give you an assurance that the casino is operating properly and you can be a part of it without keeping any doubts. All the casinos have this information clearly displayed on their website, which you can check. In case, these details are not mentioned on the site then it is a big No to become a member of it.

Must Be Secure and Safe

The banking methods offered by the casino must be safe and secure. It should accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and other secure methods. These days, the trend of crypto-currency has increased. Many casinos have started offering Bitcoin facility through which players can make the deposits and withdrawals without any hassles and delays. Thus, you can hunt for a Bitcoin casino to have the safest gaming experience.

Offer a Variety of Casino Games

Since you are visiting a casino to play casino games, it should offer a wide range of games. Make sure to sign up at the casino that offers good selection of slot games, table games, Bingo and Keno. It should have enough slots with progressive jackpots, so that you have the opportunity to take away home millions. What you can do is just explore the gaming variety of few casinos and then choose the most suitable.

Attractive Bonuses and Promotions

Every casino is today trying to survive the cutthroat competition in the casino industry. They are offering more and more bonus and promotional offers in order to captivate the attention of players. Thus, you must make sure to approach the casino with the maximum bonuses including the welcome bonus, no deposit bonus etc. These bonuses will increase the excitement and thrill of playing.

Reliable Customer Support Service

It is essential for a casino to offer round-the-clock customer support service. The customer support team can help you with any queries and issues that you are facing with any game or the website itself. They should have a helpline number and an email id to which they regularly respond.

Therefore, it is important for every player to consider all the previously mentioned tips before actually becoming a part of any particular casino. Once you have kept them in mind, you are sure to end up with the industry’s finest, licensed and genuine casino. So, it is the time to explore the internet and get hold with one good online casino!

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The Future and Expected Improvements in the Online Gambling World

The online casino industry is flourishing year by year making the UK the largest regulated market. This market is highly competitive and was worth £4 billion in 2016, as recorded by UK Gambling Commission. It is true that the competition in the online casino industry is cutthroat with every casino trying to be different in its approach to attract more and more players. In the past 20 years, major technological developments have taken place in the online gambling world and the operators are on a mission to grab a larger share of the market. The entire state-of-affairs has changed for both the players and the online casino operators in a better way.

Earlier, the players were required to download the site to their system and play games on it. This had a benefit for the casinos, as players used to download only one site and remained engaged in it without exploring any other casino. However, it took a lot of time for the players to download the site that became boring for them to keep playing on one casino only. However, the advent of HTML5 and Flash has solved the entire situation in a smart way.

The Advantages of HTML5 and Flash Casinos in Online Gambling World

It can be seen that the development of Flash and HTML5 has been commendable in the recent years. With the use of Flash, players are able to enjoy their favorite games from any device without any downloading. Earlier, the visual quality of Flash was not that good but it has improved greatly over the years offering the best gaming experience to the players. On the other hand, the games are being developed on HTML5 platform which provides flexibility to the players to play games from any device including mobile, laptop and desktop. The players remain no more restricted.

The Development in Mobile Casinos in the Online Gambling World

With players becoming tech savvy, most of the casinos have started offering their mobile version. The mobile connectivity has grown all over the world bringing people closer. The number of people using tablets and smartphones are increasing day by day making their lives easier. It also gives an opportunity to them to stay connected with the internet and to their much-preferred casino games too. The omni-channel approach of various casinos has enabled the players to use the same account on any device. Yes, the welcome bonuses and other promotions are same on both mobile and PC platform.

The Rise of Gaming Developers in the Online Gambling World

The online casino world is today witnessing various gaming developers coming into the industry with Play’n GO and Yggdrasil being the major ones. Even the smaller producers like Playtech and Microgaming are trying their best to be innovative and to offer the most enhanced gaming products to their fans. All these developers are making efforts to develop the unique slots that can captivate the players’ attention right away. Further, the ‘immersive casino’ has improved the gaming experience of the players overall.

The Future of Online Gambling World

It is expected that the online gambling world will take leap in the virtual casinos by developing more and more VR games. The VR casino will enable the players to interact with the other players and the dealer as well. This will improve the interaction and players will love socializing. In addition, personalised slots are likely to emerge in the future. It will not be a surprise if the casino is ready with your game preferences well in advance and custom designs a game for you. You will just have to select a game that you wish to play. Therefore, it is sure that the online casino world is going to reach to the greatest heights in the coming decades.

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A Closer Look at the Very Famous Wild Jack Casino

Certainly, there are number of online casinos that have become major hit in the industry today. However, Wild Jack casino is one such casino that enjoys an edge over other casinos. The casino has been operating in the online gambling world since decades and has a very strong customer base. It does everything to attract the new players and retain the existing members.

The Welcome Package and Deposits of Wild Jack Casino

To start with, the casino offers welcome package in the form of four different deposit bonuses. It also offers a no deposit bonus and cash gifts that altogether are worth $1261. You can get this welcome bonus by signing up at the casino site. The casino will offer you $5 no deposit bonus that you can use to enjoy games. After that, you can continue making more deposits and making four deposits in a single week will entitle you to cash gifts and deposit bonuses. The entire process of these deposits can be understood at the site only.

In addition to this, the best part is that welcome bonus is available to the players who are playing through mobile platform. It is true that Wild Jack mobile casino and Wild Jack online casino for PC are associates and have been managing the operations pretty well. Since it is an integrated platform, you have one account for both and can use your first deposit on mobile casino even if you have signed up at your PC initially. No doubt, the Wild Jack casino comes out with the newest of the new bonus offers every next day. It will not be a surprise of you will get a nice bonus on your birthday or on weekends.

Accepted Currencies and Safe Banking Environment of Wild Jack Casino

Most of the customers of Wild Jack casino are Canadians, so it allows these players to make the deposits and withdrawals in Canadian Dollars. It has come as a great convenience for the Canadians, as they do not have to convert their currency in Euros or any other dollar. As far as banking methods are concerned, you can be worry-free.

The casino offers various banking options including credit cards, debit cards and others, which you can choose according to your suitability. Whether you are making a deposit at a mobile casino or through your desktop, it will be fully protected and safe. It has powerful encrypted software that keeps the transactions secure at all times. Thus, once you have signed up at Wild Jack casino, you do not have to worry about the transactions at all.

A Variety of Games Available at Wild Jack Casino

The casino offers a variety of slot games from different developers including Microgaming. You can play Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones both on mobile and laptop without any hassles. The graphics of all the games are just fantastic while the sound effects are captivating. The site also offers progressive games such as Mega Moolah that offers the jackpot of $1,000,000. To add on, a wide array of table games including over 40 versions of blackjack. Rest, roulette, craps, poker, and baccarat are also available at the site. Wild Jack casino also offers 40 versions of video poker, which you can enjoy to the maximum.

The casino also has a live casino that can offer you an amazing casino experience just within the comforts of your home. Further, it has a VIP club for the players who bet the maximum amounts. In case, you have any queries, you can always approach the customer support team of the casino that works 24/7. The representatives will guide you in the perfect manner. Thus, it is the time to sign up at Wild Jack casino and have the best gaming experience!

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Joker Pro Slot – The Latest Slot by NetEntertainment

The very popular gaming software and developer company, NetEntertainment is all set to release its newest slot called the Joker Pro slot. According to the Online Casino Reports, the developer is going to launch this slot on coming 9th February, 2017. It is true that the previous year 2016 has been great success for NetEnt, as it released the Rock Series and the famous Warlords: Crystals of power. The company is now set itself on a mission to introduce much better slots that can engage more and more players.

Until date, NetEnt has been creating number of video slots featuring unique features and story elements. However, it has also developed different stripped back slots including Twin Spin, Starburst slot and others. While talking about the Joker Pro slot, it actually blends the old school symbols with great aesthetics. The company has thoroughly evaluated the slot by playing its demo version. The demo will also reveal some of the key features of the slot.

The Design and Development of Joker Pro Slot

The slot has a very clean interface that will not create any hassles for the users. The players can easily play this five reel slot with three rows. While talking about the symbols in the game, it has 15 symbols in total including four leaf clovers, diamonds, bells, 7s and much more. In addition to this, the players will get ten fixed paylines and an opportunity to attain 200x multiplier.

The best part is that the players can enjoy the different betting options available at Joker pro slot. For the players that are not interested to bet higher amounts, the slot offers to bet as low as 0.01 and the maximum of 1.00. You must also know that the betting levels go from 1 to 10 in an increasing order. As you will move to higher levels, you will have to bet higher. It means that higher levels are suitable for high rollers.

The Re-spins Feature in Joker Pro Slot

The re-spins feature makes the Joker Pro slot both unique and interesting. When comparing with other existing NetEnt slots like Starburst and Twin spin, Joker Pro slot features much more exciting features. You can activate the Pro Re-spins feature by landing one or more than one scatter symbol anywhere on the second, third or fourth reels of the slot.

The moment you will land these symbols, the first and the fifth reels will instantly turn into wild reels. To add on, it will exhibit the Hot Spot positions, which are at the mid of three reels. During this feature when you will land three wild symbols, you can expect to receive 1000x multiplier. This simply hints at the fact that the Joker Pro slot offers various opportunities to the players to make huge money.


Players can enjoy this slot at the casinos powered by NetEnt such as Lapalingo casino, BETAT casino and 777 casinos just to name a few. Rest, you can do your own research about these casinos and their gaming products. If you are signing up at any other casino than these then make sure they are licensed and have experience of years.

It would be better to sign up at a casino that has the round-the-clock facility of customer support service. It will help you in getting your queries resolved whenever you have any issues. Before starting with the game, it is better to first read the terms and conditions of the slots and check out its pay table also. It is sure that once you have started playing this game, you are going to be an addict of it.

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Tarzan Slot: The Latest Online Slot by Microgaming

There would be hardly anyone who has not been a fan of Tarzan in his/her childhood. The character of Tarzan has always had a great influence on the children. Thus, if you love Tarzan and still admire him then here is the latest online slot game for you. The soft hearted character has today made its way to the cartoons, movies, different TV shows and now the slots. Yes, Microgaming, the famous slot developer has launched the Tarzan slot recently to offer something new to its customer base. The slot is based on the book by Edgar Rice Burrough and follows the same story.

About Tarzan Slot

The Tarzan slot has 5 reels and 40 pay lines, which means that you have enough of opportunities to create the best winning combinations. This slot is entirely based on action and offers some of the interesting wild and stack symbols. If you think that this slot by Microgaming has been developed with a serious approach like its other counterparts then you really need to play it once.

This particular slot has been created with a cartoon like design with those attractive symbols and bright colors. However, the cartoonish graphics does not make the slot less interesting or less appealing. Microgaming is known for its amazing designs and the Tarzan slot is one such great example of it.

The Theme and Symbols of Tarzan Slot

As far as theme is concerned, you must have got an idea of it already. Yes, the backdrop of the game includes jungle scenery. The Tarzan is designed to accompany the players throughout the game and celebrate all your wins and rewards. With his funny and interesting moves at every time you win, will make you go gaga over him. The different symbols that are a part of this game include leopard, a chimp, Archimedes, parrots and of course, Tarzan’s girl, Jane. You will also see some fruits here and there in the game like watermelon; plums and apples just to mention a few.

Some Additional Features of Tarzan Slot

In the Tarzan slot, you will come across stacked wilds i.e. the Tarzan logo. Players have the opportunity to acquire a higher return by catching either one or two full reels of wilds. If you have grabbed it, you are sure to win higher. The moment stack of wilds will stop at any one the reels; you must see it carefully to check the big payout. The game also offers the exciting bonus feature, which gets triggered when you have landed three or more than three colorful wheel symbols anywhere on the reels. The game will direct you to the wheel of fortune with an improved chance of winning big prizes.

Enjoy Different Bonus Games of Tarzan Slot

With wheel of fortune, you will get three different possibilities to make a win. To start with, you will get the liberty to trigger 12 free spins if the wheel has landed on the option of free spins. Here, all the symbols that are on the winning pay lines will vanish away giving way to new symbols instead. While talking about another feature, Growing Wild Stack is the major attraction. It actually grows the reel with an additional wild on every spin and can add up to 15 wilds in one go. It means that you can expect to enjoy huge wins. Furthermore, Pick- a- Potamus is another feature that can make you hundreds of spins in the game.

Without a doubt, Microgaming has come up with the most exciting slot ever. The slot has outstanding graphics, features and big chances to win. So, what are you waiting for, start playing Tarzan slot today!

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The Latest Trends Changing the Face of Global Casino Gaming Market

The report on international casino gaming market by Technavio has evaluated the top trends that are actually moving the international casino market. According to Ujjwal Doshi, a lead analyst from Technavio, the increasing growth in tab and smartphone market is expected to put a great impact on the casino gaming market in the coming years. The different sections of the report include the market trends, different challenges, market size, drivers and market forecast.

Below discussed are the top trends that are changing the international casino gaming market:

4 Factors Affecting the Global Casino Market

#1 – Change in Marketing Strategies

It has been seen that almost all the vendors are making their move towards the mobile and online environments in order to target a bigger audience. It is simply due to the fact that online practices have become much popular and convenient to the players. The biggest task for these marketers is to captivate the eyes of as many players as they can through social media and mobile in a customized manner. It is true that the millennial do not prefer watching advertisements and for this reason, it becomes important for the marketers to develop creative, informative and entertaining content. According to Ujjwal, the direct mail has become the most preferred marketing technique when compared to other marketing options.

#2 – Changing Consumer Gambling Habits

When it comes to the online casino gaming market, there has been a great change in the consumer behavior. Social gambling and different other gambling applications have attracted lot many people around the globe. As a result of this, the operators are focusing on increasing the online opportunities and encouraging the use of mobiles to promote creative social gambling games. Since millennial are always looking forward to compete with their friends and interact with other players, they prefer playing social games online. In addition, they are adopting the free to play model in which games can be played for free instead of real money. However, the fact is that the model does not produce the revenue directly.

#3 – Increase in Global Credit and Debit Cards

The different legal issues of different nations pose to be an issue when it comes to online gambling market. In order to encourage tourism, some nations are allowing land-based casino gaming while other countries including Middle East and USA greatly oppose online casino gaming. Nonetheless, these nations cannot put a complete restriction on online casino gaming because users have an alternative to always sign up at the foreign websites with the help of proxy server. They can make the payments through their international debit and credit cards on these sites and can enjoy the games. On the other hand, government acknowledges that fact people gambling on such sites are educated and know about the consequences of over gambling. Thus, it is not banning the websites completely.

#4 – Improved Ties with Hospitality Sector

No doubt, casinos are considered as a source of luxurious entertainment. Casinos have gained popularity for their online games and rewards. The factor of hospitality is somewhere missing in these casinos. Considering the changing needs of the punters and to attract more audience, these casinos are now focusing on their association with hospitality sector. They are planning to integrate with high class hotels and place the slot machines at bars and restaurants. Thus, the value of both the casino and the place will increase.


Technavio being the renowned global technology research and advisory company has provided great information through its report. The analysts of the company have involved both the primary and secondary research technique to bring out the real trends that hold power to change the casino gaming market.

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