NYX Expands Into Italy With Eurobet Deal

While the online gambling industry is expanding at a very fast pace all over the world, it has been particularly successful in Europe. This is mainly on account of the progressive laws concerning online gambling through different European jurisdictions. In fact, many countries here have recognized the importance played by the internet in helping the industry develop, and therefore they have passed laws that made online gambling and sports betting legal.

Take Italy, for instance, where the legalization of online gambling in 2010 has enabled the industry to expand along the desired lines. Online gaming companies are eager to enter this market on account of its immense potential for business. Gamblers enjoy all the latest games such as Tiki Island slots and a wide variety of casino games without having to visit a land based casino. Since the market is well regulated, punters from Italy can gamble on well-managed sites without fear of falling victim to online scammers.

Las Vegas headquartered NYX Gaming Group Limited has just announced its intention to extend its reach in the Italian market. This has been brought about by a brand new deal with leading sports book operator Eurobet.it. Its expansion into the Italian market involves a deal to launch the digital casino content on the Game360 platform in collaboration with the well known Italian sports book operator. This tie up is in keeping with the industry’s trend for big mergers.

NYX Gaming already has a presence in 8 countries and it provides state of the art technology and content to a number of the best gambling operators in business today. The NYX portfolio includes more than 650 slots, lotteries, scratch cards, bingo, table games, and poker games. The company also has an impressively large distribution network; its products are used by more than 170 different customers.

The Eurobet Italia deal comes close on the heels of an agreement with another Italian company known as Sisal Group. Sisal is one of the top gaming companies in Italy and it is also the biggest provider of convenience payment services in the country. The company has immense experience in the gambling sector and has a head start over other companies thanks to its existence as a government licensee over the past 65 years.

It goes without saying that the tie up has been greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm from the parties concerned. Game360 general manager Andrea Guzzon said that the company’s portfolio could be of great help to Eurobet which is aiming to provide its Italian customers with the best and largest selection of slot games for desktop and mobile. It will also enable NYX to get the widest possible reach for its games in the extremely busy Italian market.

Eurobet’s head of gaming, Alfredo Melloni, echoed his sentiments, saying that the company was always eager to get new suppliers since this enabled it to expand its customer base. Eurobet customers would be very pleased to have access to casino games of all types in a secure gaming environment.

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The Unfortunate Record of Decreasing Swiss Casinos Revenue

Swiss casinos are in trouble with the revenues going down. It has happened for the consecutive eighth year that the casinos in Switzerland have faced such low revenues. According to the recent reports, the casino revenue saw a drop of 4% in the year 2015 as compared to the previous year. The updated value for 2015 is 681 million Francs.

History of the Back Fall

In the year 2007, the news declared that almost all the Swiss casino businesses witnessed a fall of around 300 million Francs. They lost the ground in the form of business revenue to illegal gambling clubs, foreign internet casinos and other gambling halls. While talking about the full hit of decrease in revenue in 2007, it has almost decreased to 33%. In fact, there has been decrease of 40% fewer payments to the Swiss OASI pension systems.

About the Recent Law

The Swiss casino operation is in a hope of a new gambling law that could fix the revenue issue effectively. The new law is expected to pass in this year and it is likely to cure the ill condition of the competitiveness of the Swiss market casino owners online. It is important that the issues be addressed immediately in the state where the online casinos like EU Casino, Royal Vegas and others are already famous. In fact, slots like Tiki Island have also become a heartthrob among many. Double Bubble slot is a 5-reel slot 3 visible symbol on each reel. You can expect to get a regular payout x22 once the bubble line has equaled the winnings set of symbols.

The Casino Demands

The casino association is expecting an official ban on the illegal online gambling. In addition, the Swiss casino operators are much worried about the offshore gaming websites, which are not taking effective measures for the protection of the players. They are not showing much concern about safeguarding punters from the addiction of gambling and are not even in the support of Swiss cantons. Keeping all these factors in mind, the Swiss casino owners are insisting for a basic framework that could create a protective gaming environment and captivating business conditions for all the operators.

The Law in Action

If the desired law comes into action, it will improve the condition of Swiss gambling market. The new law will allow the third parties to conduct their personal poker tournaments outside the casinos and it will restrict the tournament sponsors from developing their own corresponding gambling industry. In addition to this, the Swiss casinos are also concerned about the increasing popularity of the online poker bars in the nation that offer evening play with no regulations.

However, besides all this, it is yet to be seen that how well the new law will suffice the expectation of the Swiss casino operators. For sure, it will soothe their aching nerves and will provide them a ray of hope at least for some time. For now, all await the introduction of the new law eagerly!

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Surprisingly, Costa Rica Not Investigating 5Dimes

Subsequent to the speculations about 5Dimes casino sportsbook, which among other games offers Tiki Island slot, being investigated for money laundering activities, official release from Costa Rica officials clarifies that there is no such probe being carried out. The accusations were in fact regarding 5Dimes indulging in illegal money transactions vis-a-vis the US players. 5Dimes casino is located in Costa Rica and offers online casino games not only for the Costa Ricans, but also for players from the US.

Media Trials

Since March, with local media posting articles suggesting that the popular casino site 5Dimes, which has attracted players from far and near to play games like Tiki Island slot games, is under the scanner of US money laundering authorities for some of the banking transactions there has been some apprehension among the Costa Ricans about the future of the casino. Now to set the issue straight, The Costa Rican officials have univocally stated that there is no ground at all for Costa Rica to carry out any investigation against 5Dimes on the grounds of illegal betting. Since betting as such is not a crime in Costa Rica, the authorities have concluded that the question of money laundering does not arise.

Genesis of Speculation

The entire episode about the money laundering started in March when the Costa Rican media highlighted the news of the manager of 5Dimes being questioned regarding the transactions involving Banco de Costa and offshore entities in Dubai and Malta. And around the same time, there were reports about US Homeland Security pointing an accusing finger at 5Dimes for prompting residents in US to make use of the Amazon gift cards for playing the online casino games.

Strong Rebuttal

However, the Deputy prosecutor of Costa Rica’s Office of Money Laundering, Alvaro Montoya, has denied to La Nacion, Costa Rica’s popular media that such an investigation is in progress. Alvaro Montoya has stated without ambiguity that as online betting including sports betting is not a banned activity in Costa Rica there is locus standi for any investigation in the issue. Alvaro Montoya has been quoted as stating that in regions where the activity of online betting is prohibited, such investigations could be carried out. In defence of the sportsbook companies like 5Dimes which offer popular entertainment with games like Tiki Island slot, Alvaro Montoya has pointed out that from 2012; these sportsbooks have been paying taxes on the basis of their payrolls.

Investigations Not on Mere Speculations

Alvaro Montoya has further said that any investigation against any online betting site could be carried out only if there is some substantial evidence of wrong doing, like questionable source of funding for the online betting sites. Alvaro Montoya has however not denied the news about The US probe on 5Dimes. He has also made it clear that the reaction of Costa Rican authorities in the affair would have been different if there were allegations that the online betting activities in Costa Rica is being funded by money earned from drug peddling.

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Tatarstan Lawmakers Consider Penalizing Users Of Illegal Online Casinos

Lawmakers in the Republic of Tatarstan, a region in central Russia, are considering a law that will fine people who use online gambling websites and even those people whose underage children or wards have been found to gamble online. While many jurisdictions in the world have banned online gambling, it is not often that one comes across a law that fines people for participating in this activity.

There exist Russian federal laws that ban gambling and certain other types of online activity including specific categories of pornography however the Tatarstan government intends to amend certain sections of the law. The law proposes a considerably large fine ranging from 10,000 roubles to 20,000 roubles for any person caught gambling on an online casino. This amount is the equivalent of $150 to $300. There will also be a fine of anything from 5,000 to 10,000 roubles (equal to $75 to $150) for people who permit underage people to gamble using the internet.

Surprisingly, this also includes parents or guardians of young people who are involved in gambling using the internet. There would also be a punishment for landlords in whose premises gambling activities were conducted. The fine in this instance would be a stiff 150,000 roubles, the equivalent of $2270.

Rafil Nugumanov, a member of Tatarstan’s State Council, spoke to Izvestia daily that the reason he decided to be one of the sponsors of the bill because he had witnessed the plight of people who had become addicted to gambling. He pointed out that many people continued to sink further into gambling debt even though they were aware that these sites were being accessed illegally. The lawmakers maintained that their efforts to curb the spread of these sites were coming to naught since there wasn’t any pressure on users to put a stop to their activities. The lawmakers expect their harsh but multi-pronged approach to give the desired results.

There isn’t unanimous support for the proposed amendments to the anti-gambling law. Kirill Grinchenko, a member of the ruling United Russia party affiliated Media Guards project said that the proposed Tatarstan law wouldn’t be of much use since the Russian government was already battling online gambling very actively. He pointed out that the government electronic media watchdog was very quick to respond to leads and complaints about online gambling sites that violated the country’s laws and that it blocked access to these sites almost immediately. In fact, mirror sites would also be blocked without delay, preventing Russians from accessing sites offering their favourite Tiki Island slots and other games.

At present, gambling, both land based and online, is forbidden throughout Russia except in its special economic zones. The gambling watchdog does not require a court order to block any offending sites. However, it does provide owners of the site the opportunity to contest the decision. Russia has long had a draconian approach to gambling and it had introduced a law in 2013 to place gambling addicts under the government’s guardianship so that they wouldn’t be able to waste their money on gambling.

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Is Big Brother Comping You? Let’s Find Out

As part of a marketing technique, it is very common for companies to offer gifts and freebies to clients. Now with competition getting intense amongst the companies, companies have started offering many client-specific offers to customers. Advancement in technology has greatly helped the companies in this effort. With computer professionals now devising apps to suit different needs, it is not insurmountable for companies to think of targeting the specific interest of the customers.

A Win-win Scenario

Users are inundated with offers of all kinds today that they sometimes even forget to redeem or use the offers. And sometimes the offers mean very little to them and irrelevant too. Now to help users to better utilise their freebies and gifts, apps could be downloaded on their mobile phones which would remind them about the offers in their kitty. Such apps not only benefit users but help the companies in taking their schemes to a logical end. With availability of software to keep track of the pattern of buying by clients it is also easy now for companies to have a profile of the customers in its database. With complete history of the buying pattern readily available with the company, it is now easy for companies to offer specific programs for the individual customers.

Specifically Targeted Rewards

As rewards which are specifically used by the customers are offered by marketing firms, these rewards have now assumed more meaning as well as utility. Instead of giving customers something which has no use to them technology has helped firms to offer what is liked by the user. This in turn lets the user to take up the offer, without fail. Since the very purpose of these rewards is to satisfy and retain the clients, offering such personalised gifts are a sure bet in succeeding in their intention. Online casino sites also now follow this method of offering as gifts, what is preferred by clients. Popular sites like casino.com who have tried out this strategy opine that the entire exercise is highly strenuous as their clientele consists of people from different strata of society.

Compensations Offered by Online Casinos

Online casino websites make use of the info given by the players at the time of registration to build the customer profile and plan their rewards based on this input. Casinos also track the games that players play in order to understand the preference of players. Whenever online casinos offer bonus games, players are offered the casino games they usually play. Other unique app that is now widely appreciated is the app which indicates the geographical details of the user. This enables the user to be offered games which are popular in a region, as and when the player visits the region. Success of the online casinos which offered rewards to players based on their personal preferences now has made as many as fifty four online casinos in different parts of US to now adopt such practices.

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State Government Lists Out Online Gambling Games Targeted Towards Children

Amidst growing concerns that the ease with which online gambling is available to people predisposed towards addiction, the state of South Australia has released a list of online games that are clearly targeted towards a very vulnerable section of the population, namely children. The purpose of this government list is to help parents prevent their kids from eventually gambling on the internet on popular games such as Tiki Island slots. The government had made a promise ahead of the 2014 elections that it would collate such a list that enable parents to make educated decisions about the games that they can permit they kids to play. This is of particular importance considering that most parents are absolutely unaware about the threat that these games pose.

These highly attractive electronic games have attracted the government’s attention because of their ability to encourage young players to start gambling. They look innocuous enough but experts feel that they will work as a gateway to gambling since they will make it normal for them to attend online casinos. A worrying study by the Adelaide University indicated that teenagers who enjoyed playing gambling-style games on their phones were much more likely to eventually start gambling for real. Another study revealed that around 50% of problems gamblers had actually started gambling when they were still teenagers.

The list has 64 titles as of now, and it includes games such as Big Fish Casino, Megapolis, Coin Dozer, and Bingo Blitz. The titles are classified under yellow or red, depending on how compelling they are at attracting underage people to start gambling. What is most worrying is that many of the titles on the list can be downloaded absolutely for free. Many games start off by giving free credits but they eventually expect kids to pay money to continue playing.

The games placed in the red category of the list contain lots of flashing lights and noises, and exactly like casino games, they encourage young players to risk something in order to have a chance of winning a reward. It is fair to say that parents have to be the most concerned about these games on account of their simulation of casino style gambling. Games which permit players to win bonuses by various actions or entirely by chance are placed in the yellow category.

Parents are advised to monitor their children’s online activities because online gambling can be a very addictive activity. The list is very easy to use and parents can search for a specific game to see if it is found here. They can also search for games that are not recommended for children of their child’s age group. According to the state’s Attorney-General John Rau, the rating system developed by the state will be of immense use to concerned parents. He also said that he was collaborating with Justice Minister Michael Keenan to create new classifications for these games. In fact, the government was working on a new system that would be expected to be ready by end June this year.

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China Disrupts Illegal Online Gambling Operation

In a major crackdown on illegal betting networks, Chinese authorities have put behind bars 19 people suspected to be involved in running such nefarious sites from the South Central Chinese province of Hunan. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, arrests follow a prolonged investigation for over three months subsequent to the complaint lodged by two Chinese who were duped by these operators.

The End Game

Unfortunately for the illegal online gambling operators who were operating from near Loudi city, their luck ran out as a person who had lost a whopping RMB 80k, which is equivalent to US $ 12,300, in a matter of five days decided to lodge a complaint with the law enforcing authorities, along with yet another person who had also been duped similarly. Investigation revealed that the illegal site was active since around 2014.

The Modus Operandi

Just as it is done elsewhere, here too, the gullible persons signing in to try their luck in online betting were lured by a false sense of security. The online gamblers were allowed to win some quick easy money to start with, which not only made them confident about the site, but also induced a sense of greed to win more. And when the client starts wagering in bigger sum, the operators rigged the game to grab the money from the gullible person. Unfortunately in most cases, in their eagerness to win back the lost money, these persons wager further and lose out more of their hard earned money.

Estimated Turnover of the Illegal Gambling Sites

According to the figures released by the police, total money wagered in these illegal sites could be in the region of RMB 300m which is the same as US$ 46.2 million. It is also estimated that there would be more than ten thousand regular users of these sites, since 2014. As part of the exercise to burst these illegal online gambling dens, police have frozen about 200 bank accounts and have seized hundred computers and eleven limousines. Police also believe that they have successfully nabbed three kingpins of the illegal betting racket. It looks like that these kingpins of the operation had set-up the online channels at first from Malaysia. Due to the strong measures taken by the Malaysian government, these nefarious operators had shifted their base to Philippines.

Measures Taken by the Chinese

Taking a stern view of the fraudulent online casinos, the Chinese authorities have stepped up their watch against all the online sites which were targeting the Chinese players from offshore locations, like Cambodia. It is seen that most arrests in cases related to online frauds have been made in China’s Fujian province. Mushrooming online casino sites without licence is keeping the Chinese law enforcing authorities on their toes, now. Since the crackdown is on the illegal sites, it is becoming irrelevant to analyse if the online casinos had really duped the players or not. The issue now is whether the casinos have been licensed by authorities.

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Is NetEnt Defining Online Casinos Now?

In the last year, one of the most significant developments in the gambling world is the growing likeness of NetEnt. They were always considered to be one of the foremost companies in terms of online gambling. But only last year did they finally make their mark as the biggest and most efficient gaming network with their flawless performance in terms of providing software and the like. Their growth has been substantial, and very evident from the fact that every second gaming company wants to emulate them in some way or the other. It was visible when NetEnt’s policies were implemented in many online casinos. And why should it not be? It has grown from leaps and bounds.

The company was founded in 1996, and is considered to be pioneers in the online gambling market. The Sweden-based company was earlier known as Net Entertainment. It has offices in Sweden, but majority of their functions and operations have been transferred to the Malta office. Furthermore, it should be noted and complemented that NetEnt has been at the top of its game since its inception in the Swedish market. There has been lots of competition, but NetEnt has risen and stayed at the top with flying colours.

Another feather in their cap is the fact that the company has also achieved the ideal workplace environment with equal number of men and women. Well, NetEnt is one of the biggest gaming software providers, and they know how to value talent and only then this has been achieved. Furthermore, it is important to highlight the importance of talent over gender. Their success can be revealed from numbers itself. For example, NetEnt’s profits increased and jumped to 34% in the remaining quarter of 2015, which speaks volumes of their progress. The operating profit also increased to 51.6%. They have also acquired several new clients that have given them good business over the last year. They signed about 14 brand new license agreements. They have now extended their reach to Caesars Interactive, New Jersey and more. These are some of the reasons why the company is growing at a tremendously good rate.

This leaves us with a glaring problem. What if there will never be a company that will match upto NetEnt. Is this a pro or a con? Is monopoly good? These are some of the questions that spring up in your mind once you start to think about the whole scenario. If a new company or even an existing company comes to the fore, it might not give as much competition to the big brand NetEnt has become. Another aspect which makes NetEnt stand out from the rest is the fact that they offer games according to the needs of the players. Their level of quality in terms of design is amazing. They also keep innovating games as and when required. NetEnt does not seem to slow down their progress as they have recently acquired a Spanish license. Furthermore, they have also opened some land-based machines.

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NetEnt Comes Out Strong in Q1

Continuing the strong performance in the market in 2015, NetEnt has posted impressive all round gains in the Q1 results of 2016. NetEnt has shown remarkable gains in revenue collection, operating profits and in profit after tax during the Q1 as a result of expansion drive the company is undertaking.

With host of brands including 777 casino, Playamo casino and EUcasino, NetEnt is now one of the major players in the online gaming sector. The strategy of NetEnt to target the New Jersey market seems to be paying off handsomely as all financial parameters showing an increase of about 50% over the last fiscal.

Partnering With Existing Licensees

The New Jersey foray of NetEnt has contributed to massive gains for the company as not only new casinos have been opened, but contracts have been made with other players in the region which has boosted the online casino revenue in the state. In the first quarter of 2016, as many as eight casinos have been inaugurated and nine agreements have been entered with other licensees. CEO and President of NetEnt, PER Erickson, has acknowledged that the New Jersey targeted expansion has helped the company in its forward march in the industry.

Expansion, The Catchword!

NetEnt has taken the expansion route to propel its growth, by wisely and ambitiously targeting the markets in North America and Europe, since the potential of these markets is very huge. Buoyed by favourable results in the first quarter of the fiscal, NetEnt is optimistic of firming up the profits for the year 2016. NetEnt has not merely concentrated in expanding base to newer markets, but has been coming up with new games too from time to time to entertain and retain its clients. Thus, in January, NetEnt has launched a new slot game by name Guns N Roses slots.

The response to this game has far exceeded the expectations of even the management of the company. Few more games are to be released over the next few months and this includes slot games drawing inspiration from the music and animation of Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead. These new games being launched under the banner of NetEnt Rocks are turning out to be the latest craze among the casino fans.

Rising Anticipation Among Casino Enthusiasts

The methodical way in which NetEnt has been making inroads in to the casino markets has made the casino fans eagerly wait for the next step of the company. Since NetEnt is known for bringing in innovative and bold initiatives in the casino market, the casino fans always keep an eye on what the company is offering them periodically. This is one of the reasons for the success of NetEnt. The success of NetEnt could be easily quantified as it has been able to show an increase of 33% in sales turnover and 57% increase in operating profits in the first quarter of the fiscal 2016. Aggressive intent of NetEnt followed up by judicious planning has made NetEnt as a leading player in the casino market.

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The Innovation of VR Concept in the World of Gambling

The gaming industry is being driven greatly by the technology. Due to the advancement in technology, the concept of Virtual Technology (VR) has now become the latest trend among the players. Earlier, this concept used to be restricted only to the science fiction movies but it has rapidly progressed over the years.

Once players used to fantasize about the video games that could offer them a unique experience but today, the gaming developers have come up with altogether new products. The exclusive gaming products including Hololens and Oculus Rift have emerged to let the players explore a completely new world of gaming just by placing special goggles over the eyes.

The Effect of VR on Gambling

The experts have made it clear that gambling will highly be affected by the development of Virtual Reality. Nowadays, it is very easy to find Android no deposit casino list and a variety of iOS gaming options on the websites dedicated to these only. Further, a player can learn about the games and quality of a casino by reading the customer feedback at that site. However, it is not the same with virtual reality games. Since these games have still not reached every casino and player, the overviews of it are still not present. Nonetheless, you will soon going to witness the entire internet talking about virtual games.

These days, players love hanging out with the online casinos that offer live dealers. The ones who prefer high quality games, authenticity and socialization always love spending time live dealer casinos. Therefore, it is obvious that these people would be wishing to try games at VR casino sites. If you like playing within the comforts of your home and games hosted by real humans then you are surely going to go gaga over VR casinos. The concept of Virtual Reality will bring more good than bad to the online gambling world.

The Features of VR Casinos

In regular online casinos, players give the commands and play the game by tapping their phone screen or through mouse. However, these virtual casinos will actually give you an opportunity to pull the lever and place chips by using your hands. Such features of VR captivate the attention of more and more players and make the remote gambling much more interesting ever. However, the drawback is that players do not keep a count of time while playing the VR games. As a result, they are not able to pay attention to their budget. Keeping this in mind, Malta Gaming Authority has thoughts of including clocks on the casino’s wall, so that players are constantly updated with the real time.

The Bottom Line

With VR concept, the boring ambience of casinos will be replaced by thrill and excitement. It will prove to be great for the ones who are looking not only for casino games but for some adventure too. In fact, social gambling in VR casinos will be the cornerstone of the gaming world. All these features are sure to make VR casinos a heartthrob among the players of all ages in the coming days.

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