Caesar’s Bingo-A Great Place to Experience Tiki Island Slot

Caesars casino has the distinction of being one of the oldest and popular brick and mortar casinos. Among the various innovations and additions, which have been incorporated by Caesars include the inclusion of bingo rooms and going online for the general convenience of users. As was anticipated, like any other Caesars product, Caesars bingo has emerged as the favourite of bingo fans from various parts of the world.

The Attractive Bonus Offers

Users signing in at Caesars bingo are amazed at the welcome bonus offered to them by the site. To date, Caesars bingo room remains unmatched in offering deposit bonus. While all other bingo rooms offer very nominal welcome bonus, at Caesars bingo, first time users are pleasantly surprised to be offered a huge 200% welcome bonus. Since the offer is phenomenal by any stretch of imagination, Caesars bingo has brought in a limitation clause to this bonus offer. Welcome bonus to a player is restricted to a limit of £400.

Easy Wagering Requirements

At Caesars bingo, users are not imposed with strict conditions to fulfil the bonus offers so as to benefit from them. The users become eligible for the bonus amount on placing wagers twice the amount of their deposit amount. Though the popular adage says that ‘All Good Things Come to an End’, at Caesars bingo, this maxim does not hold true as users not only get deposit bonus for their first deposit, but they are also offered similar bonus for their second deposit!. However, the limitation on bonus benefits is restricted to £100 this time around.

The Season Ending Bonanza

Caesars Bingo has come up with interesting bonus offers for the month of November. On wagering a minimum of £10 pounds for bingo games, £30 on slot games and £50 on casino games, the players are entitled to a special prize draw. They are also offered one free game when they play a real money game at the bingo room. Many such promotions are featured on their site to boost the winning probability of the users.

A Licensed Bingo Room

Caesars bingo room complies with all the government regulations, thereby, eliminating any sort of risks faced by users. Licensed under the aegis of the Government of Gibraltar, games offered at the bingo rooms are tested for its fairness from time to time. This ensures that users do not have to worry about any foul play at any point on the site. Licensing ensures that all promotional offers are very genuine too at the site.

Additional Games for Relaxation

While enjoying various bingo games at Caesars bingo, players are able to take a short break from them to recharge their energy levels by trying out interesting slot games like Tiki Island, and other table games like blackjack and poker. For the die-hard bingo fans, a complete range of bingo games are provided at the site. Some of the bingo games made available here to entertain players and retain their interest on the site include 90-ball and 70-ball bingo games.

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The Importance of Wild Symbols in Slot Games!

The veteran slot players understand the huge impact that wild symbols have. Wild symbols indeed make a huge difference to the fortunes of the player. They do not only help players in propelling players to the finish line, but also play a key role in a player winning big money in the slot game. Thus, the experienced players realise the importance of the wild symbols in slots and seek info about them from the casino before starting to play a new slot game.

Origin of the Wild Symbols

Unlike what some assume, wild symbols have been a part of slot games right from its brick and mortar days. This is not at all a new concept, which has been added as a feature to the video slot game. Thus, wild symbols have been traditionally seen as some sort of trump card that comes handy to players in winning in the game of slots.

Role of Wild Symbols

The wild symbol assists the players in winning by assuming the form of the symbol that completes the winning configuration. For example, in the Tiki Island slot game, the Tiki Island Logo is the wild symbol. In this game, this symbol can be substituted with any other symbol, which a player needs to complete the winning configuration. Hence, from being in a position of losing, a player is catapulted to a strong winning position by the wild symbol.

Spotting the Wild Symbols

Since the wild symbols play such a crucial role in enhancing the fortunes of players in the slot game, one of the first things a player on signing up for a new slot game needs to do is gather information about the wild symbols and its various types. To add an element of fun as well as aesthetics, the game designers come up with wild symbols, which gel well with the concept of that particular slot game.

Exception to the Rule

While wild symbols commonly can be used to substitute any other symbol in the slot machine so as to complete the winning pay line, there are a couple of symbols, which a wild symbol cannot substitute. Wild symbols particularly do not transform the scatter symbols. Besides the scatter symbols, in most cases, wild symbols do not transform such symbols like the bonus symbols appearing in the slot games.

The Role of a Multiplier

After helping to take the players across the finish line, the wild symbols have the potential to increase the earnings. According to the assigned multiplier factor to the wild symbol, the earnings of the players are multiplied while calculating the payouts. Thus, more than merely helping players to win the slot game, wild symbols enable the players to win very big booties too!

Types of Wild Symbols

To add variety to the slot games, wild symbols appear in different forms. Common forms of wild symbols are expanded, sticky and stacked wild symbols. However, what is common to all the wild symbol is the joy they bring to players as they can increase the winnings considerably!

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The Scatter Symbols of Tiki Island Slot

The secret of the slot games that have forever remained the favourite of players for generations is the novelties attached to this kind of casino game. Game designers have played a big part in this as slot machines have undergone minor modifications over the years, keeping this in mind. Introduction of wild and scatter symbols in slot games have, in fact, retained the interest of existing players and also have brought in new players on board.

The Scatter Advantage

Slots, being one of the simplest and easiest games, are also a reason for many people to try out this casino game. All that a player has to do is spin the slot reels and wait to see the configuration appearing on the wheel when it comes to a halt. If the configuration of the house and that of the player synchronise, then players are deemed to have won. Now, to increase the probability of winning in slots, new features like scatter and wild symbols have been introduced in the game. Scatter symbols, which appear in the slot wheel bodes well to the players as the presence of the scatter icons ensures that winning the slot game is simplified.

Scatter Icon Representation at Tiki Island Slot

Scatter symbols whose function is to help the players win the slot game are represented in a colourful manner. Representation of scatter symbols is created in such a way so as to align with the theme of the game. Thus, in Tiki Island slot game, which is based on the Pacific island theme, the scatter symbols include Spears and Shield. The other scatter symbols made available for the game are the Puffer Fish bonus and Coconut Bonus, which remind the players about the island theme.

How to Scatter and Win?

The advantage of the scatter symbol to the players is that once a minimum of three scatter symbols appear on the spinning wheel, at any position, then the players are assured of winning their bets. Therefore, the chances of winning a slot game are greatly enhanced by the scatter symbols. Further, players get a chance of playing the bonus games when the Puffer Fish Bonus symbol appears. Similarly, the Coconut Bonus symbol activates the Tiki Island Nuts Bonus game in this slot.

Thus, while some scatter symbols straightaway guarantees players of earning some assured money; a few other scatter symbols act as a gateway to new games. Players need to be cautious while selecting the puffer fishes in the bonus game, a wrong selection and the bonus game will come to an end.

Calculation of Earnings

Since the appearance of a minimum of three scatter symbols assures a player a winning sum, to calculate the total winnings players are to refer to the payout schedule provided. Generally, this winning sum is arrived at by multiplication of the given scatter symbol payout by the number of coins wagered. Further, when players win simultaneously by using both the scatter symbol and the regular mode, the players are eligible to be paid for both the wins.

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Tiki Island Slot has Excellent Bonus Features for Massive Excitement and Entertainment!

Gamesys Group’s Tiki Island slot game is one of the more popular games available these days. This video slot game with five reels and 20 pay lines is available on a whole lot of casinos that use Gamesys’ software platform. Each pay line takes a bet range from 1p to £10 and the jackpot gives 10,000 credits with the top prize being a whopping £100,000. This is a very exciting game that can be played in USD, EUR, and GBP. Regular slot players also appreciate the fact that the game has an auto spin feature.

Tiki Island slot game is popular on account of a whole lot of reasons. For starters, the game is extremely well made with high quality animation and sound effects. As the name indicates, it is themed around a Pacific island paradise. The game can be played for free, and this is a great way to enjoy slot game without spending money. The only thing to be remembered is that one doesn’t get to win money when playing it for free!

The Tiki Island slot game has plenty of scatters and wild symbols to increase its excitement levels. However, what slot players really love is the fact that the game has really outstanding bonus features. Both of these, the Puffer Fish and Tiki Island Nuts bonus features offer players the opportunity to increase their wins and play for longer than they paid for!

The Puffer Fish Bonus Feature

This feature launches when three Puffer Fish Bonus scatter symbols appears anywhere on an active line. The bonus feature cannot be activated by the Tiki Island Logo wild symbol. When the feature is launched the player is taken to the sea and encounters three brightly coloured puffer fish in each round. The player has to click on the fish to pop it, and if they are lucky, there will be a shower of coins from the fish. If the player selects a fish that doesn’t have any coins, then the bonus feature comes to an end immediately. Each and every win is multiplied by the line bet that initiated the game. In case the initiating combination featured on multiple played lines, then the total bonus award will include the value of all the initiating lines.

The Tiki Island Nuts Bonus Feature

This bonus feature is activated when three Coconut bonus scatter symbols appear any place on an active line. The game features nine coconuts, which appear on the screen. The player is expected to knock them off their blocks individually so that they explode to reveal what they contain. In case the coconut contains ‘bonus prize’, then the amount indicated will be added to the tally of the Bonus Meter, and the player will have another shot at hitting a coconut. In case the coconut reveals the Collect symbol, then the game ends by adding two credits to the Bonus Meter for every coconut that remains. Here too, every win is multiplied by the line bet that initiated the game, with the bonus award increasing based upon the number of initiating lines.

The Tiki Island slot game is not only a great deal of fun to play, but it’s also a good way to win money!

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Things to Remember Before Playing at an Online Casino!

Online casino lovers should first go through the terms and conditions, and then start betting. You should also pay heed to the several reviews that are posted online to get a better sense of which casino is good and which is not up to the mark. By reading such reviews, you will get an idea of the types of games, the bonus structure and the payout options.

There are thousands of online websites that offer casino services and slot games like Tiki Island. Honestly, every other website looks bright and shiny at a glance, but once you start using them, they may not be as good as you hoped them to be. It is very difficult to understand how good an online betting website is until someone plays on it. Hence, it is important to go through reviews and come to a conclusion. In many instances, people have lost a lot of money because they chose casinos that were not reliable. Make an informed choice and play smartly.

Here are a few things that you need to remember before signing up.

Bonus and Promotions

This aspect is considered as the most lucrative option at a casino website. You are usually entitled to a first time deposit bonus. As you progress and start playing regularly, you will get to know more of these promotions. In the game of slots, you will get the option of free spins. It should be kept in mind that the bonus and promotions structure changes throughout the year. There are some special tournaments also that are organised. If you win big at these, then you might also get lucky and win the jackpot.

Types of Games

The traditional games such as roulette, poker and slots are available in every casino. Nowadays, variations of these games are also available. You will be entitled to take advantage of the bonus and promotions throughout the duration of the game. You can read the review of the casino and find out the kinds of games that are good. For the entire list of the games offered, check the website. Usually, there is a top bar that has tabs such as sports betting, casino, help and more. You can click on the casino tab and go through the details.

Software Used

These days, all online websites use top-notch software on their websites. Playtech is one of the most popular gaming software that provides amazing visuals and graphics. Always choose a website that uses good software. Read on the website what kind of software they are using. If you want to enjoy continuous streaming of games, then choosing an online casino that boasts of famous names like Gamesys, Microgaming or Net Entertainment is the best option.


At several online casinos, you might have to download their gaming software and then play the games on the PC. On the contrary, there are certain websites that do not require you to do so. It is advisable that if you are a regular, then you should opt for the casino in which you can play the games online and don’t need to get into the hassle of downloading the gaming software. Many online websites have apps that you can download on your mobile devices. This is a great option for people who’d like to carry their casino games with them.

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Making the Most of Online Casinos!

Online casinos have gathered a massive audience. You can choose to play from a variety of games like Tiki Island slot, and the best part is that you can win money for free as well. This factor makes online casinos very famous and appealing to a wide range of gamblers. The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars for a reason.

And the reason is that it’s exciting and entertaining. It also provides a lot of opportunities to earn money and enjoy at the same time. But one should not believe everything that the website claims. Be wary of spending a lot of money and also go through the terms and conditions carefully to avoid getting tricked.

There are plenty of ridiculous terms and conditions on several online casino websites, be careful before signing up and depositing money. Here are a couple of things you should know before you start spending money at such online sites.

The Casino Bonus

When you log on to any online website, you will come across a sign-up bonus or a welcome bonus. This is a great offer that these websites have in store for the players. But in reality, these bonuses are also formed because the online websites are competing with each other for more players.

The industry is extremely competitive with massive turnovers. For the online casinos to get noticed and become more approachable, they need to offer a lucrative deal so that more and more people join. For example, if an online gaming website is offering a welcome bonus of $500 on an initial deposit, then many will not think twice before depositing their money.

But the casino also accepts this offer only if you play for a certain number of hours. You need to also accept the casino’s terms and conditions. If you are a professional and know how to double the amount you invested, then you needn’t worry much. But if you are playing for the first time, an initial deposit of $100 or $500 might prove costly if you do not play well.

Are the Online Casinos Fair?

The most popular casinos have a reputation of offering their players higher payouts. Well, they cannot do this if they do not have a lot of people investing money in the games. Even if you look for the names of the people who have become millionaires by playing online, you will easily realise that they deposited a handsome sum of money before money started rolling in for them.

And, the best casinos in the industry will proudly splash the names of the winners on their websites for everyone to see. Two online players who have earned a name for themselves in the online gaming industry are Annette Obrested and Tom Dwan. They claim that they took advantage of the initial bonus and doubled the amount by playing smartly.

Undoubtedly, the casino industry is risky. If you win some, you lose some. You have to be very careful while choosing the online website that you want to play with. And then it is your luck that will make you win or lose!

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A Beginner’s Guide for First-time Online Gamblers!

Gambling on a website is a different experience altogether.

Though it does have its share of thrills and excitement, you need to exercise certain precautions while traversing the myriad world of online gambling sites.

The first step while logging on to an online site is the most important one and if care is taken at the primary juncture, the experience of gambling will not only be fruitful, but also be economically rewarding.

Following are certain precautions that you need to follow as a first-time gambler while playing slot games like Tiki Island.

#1-Check Rules and Regulations

All online casinos operate on a different footing. Varying rules and regulations apply to different casinos.

Also, different gambling games are offered by several online casinos just like their counterparts in the brick and mortar world.

#2-Claim of Honesty

Though all online casinos claim to adhere to honest gaming practices, it is not so in the real sense.

There are several shady deals taking place, which may not be noticed by a first-time player.

However, over a period of time, an experienced player develops a knack for detecting fraudulent practices prevalent on online gambling sites.

In order to enjoy a wholesome gambling experience, and also to be wary of online casino scams, one needs to be constantly alert.

#3-Exercise Care While Signing Up

It does not make sense to immediately sign up on a gambling website that you come across first.

Very often, gullible patrons may fall prey to false claims made by online casinos and sign up without verifying the credentials of the site.

People also sign easily on the dotted line because a particular casino offers the kind of gambling experience to the liking of its patron or a particular website offer is too tempting to resist.


Before proceeding to create an online account on a gambling site, one needs to undertake an in-depth study of the site.

The rules and regulations in terms of placing bets on the website need to be carefully scrutinised.

A little research regarding the working of online casino will go a great way in preventing the loss of one’s hard earned money and will be a continuing source of entertainment.

The game offerings, specials and bonuses advertised on the website need to be understood carefully.

Reviewing the information provided on an online gambling site is absolutely important, else signing up on the site will not prove to be helpful.

#5-Continuous Monitoring

Once a decision is made with regards to signing up on an online casino, monitoring of the account on a continuous basis is extremely important.

There have been several examples in the past when payments of gamblers were held up, and in some worst case scenarios, accounts of gamblers have been locked without giving any notice.

If one needs to steer clear of such situations, one needs to maintain a proper check of one’s account.

In the end, one should always remain abreast of several scams, which have proliferated on the internet and read online casino reviews and news.

All the precautions taken will ensure that online gambling is rewarding and very enjoyable.

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Looking for Cooler Slot Games? Try These Winter and Christmas-themed Slots!

Tiki Island is a Pacific Island themed slot based in the tropical weather. But with winter and more importantly, Christmas around the corner, if you’re looking for some festive online slots, then you’re in luck!

There are a number of slots based on the snowy weather and Christmas spirit!

You’ll find these themes in three reels as well as five reels slot games.

Here are five different online slot games, which have winter and Christmas as their themes.

#1-Ho Ho Ho Slot

The slot name is a definite giveaway!

This slot revolves around Christmas that has 15 pay lines and five reels.

A Microgaming product, it accepts coin values from 1¢ to 50¢ and the maximum bet you can place per spin is $75.

There are more than 30 ways in which you can win and the highest jackpot is about 15,000 coins!

The scatter and wild symbols and the free spin bonus round that can give up to 20 free spins is a great added advantage.

Some of the symbols that you’ll come across are Christmas Tree, Pudding, Turkey, Eggnog, and Red-Nosed Reindeer.

#2-Cabin Fever Slot

Cabin Fever is a 20 pay line and five reel slot from Microgaming, which has winter theme.

It accepts bets from 1¢ to 50¢, and the maximum number of coins you can bet is about $100.

You can win this game in 37 different ways. The top jackpot is 5,000 coins.

You can get 20 free spins if you land two Sun symbols on the first and fifth reels. The symbols of this slot include Plums, Cherries, Squirrel, Wild Blizzard, and Oranges.

#3-Rudolph’s Revenge Slot

Rudolph’s Revenge is a 50 pay line, five reel progressive slot manufactured by Real Time Gaming, which comprises of a Christmas theme.

It has a fixed coin size of about 4¢ and the maximum coins you can bet on one spin is $2.00.

You can aim to win in 21 ways through scatter and wild symbols as well as through the seven free spins.

In order for you to win the free spins you should land at least three Bomb symbols on the reels. The other symbols of this slot include Rudolph, Snow House, Gifts, and Santa Claus.

#4-Jingle Bells Slot

Jingle Bells is a classic five pay line and three reel slot, which syncs harmoniously with the Christmas theme.

The bets range from 25¢ to $5.00 and you can place a bet of up to $25 per spin. There are nine different types to win and the symbols include Holly and Bells.

#5-Santa Paws Slot

Santa Paws, which is a 20 pay line and five reel slot spells Christmas theme in all its glory. Brought to you by Microgaming, it accepts coins from 1¢ to 25¢ and the maximum bet you can place per spin is $50.

There are 40 ways to win through 12 free spins, scatter and wild symbols and your normal wagers.

To land 12 free spins, you need to get at least three Penguin symbols on the reels. The other symbols include Owl, Fox, Rudolph, Santa Paws, Jack, Ten, King, Queen, and Ace.

So, these are five online slot machines, which have winter and Christmas themes. If you’re looking for a change from Tiki Island slot, then these are great to start playing!

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Virgin Bingo is a Fantastic Sun Bingo Sister Site to Enjoy Playing Tiki Island Slot!

Sun Bingo migrated to a new site in 2008 and its Jackpotjoy platform from the industry leader Gamesys seems to have worked very well for it since most of its customers signed up with it all over again.

Even though Sun Bingo is a completely independent site, it has many of the Jackpotjoy features that customers never fail to find attractive.

There are plenty of bingo and slot game options here like Tiki Island slot. In fact, this site offers 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball bingo games.

The promotions offered by Sun Bingo tend to be very generous and they range from holidays to cars to shopping trips.

If you want to play at sites that are very much like Sun Bingo, then you don’t have to look too far since there are a few other sites that share the Jackpotjoy platform from Gamesys and they all share many, but not all, characteristics.

Virgin Bingo is one of the more interesting Jackpotjoy sister sites even though it hasn’t been in business for very long.

In fact, the site has been around for two years only, but it has managed to build a very active customer base.

You’ll like the following features about Virgin Bingo.

Lots of Bingo Options

This site has a total of three bingo rooms and they feature 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games. However, this site doesn’t have an 80-ball game.

Incidentally, the bingo rooms have names inspired by Sir Richard Branson!

There are excellent jackpots to be won here with some games costing 5p or 25p and others available at 1p.

There are always a lot of people playing bingo on this site and it’s an exciting place to spend your free time.

Fancy Promotions

You’ll love Virgin Bingo’s 200% welcome bonus offer because it is available up to a massive £200.

Of course, you could put in as little or much as you feel comfortable gambling with.

The site is well known for the interesting and innovative promotions that it launches from time to time.

The site has daily draws that give away money, which can be spent on Virgin products.

In fact, there are offers every day of the month. Furthermore, there is also a cash back program that you’ll find very useful if you gamble a lot!

Easy to Use

You can get started gambling without any hassles since the site is designed and managed very well.

Depositing and withdrawing cash can also be done very easily and there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

The site isn’t without its share of problems, but they don’t seem to be all that serious.

Many visitors to the site complain that it’s not always easy to find out about the promotions currently on offer.

Also, it’s a pity that the site doesn’t run any tournaments because they are very popular with bingo players.

The site would also have been better if there were weekly specials and other similar promotions to choose from.

However, on the whole, this is a well-run site where you can have a great deal of fun and also win loads of money!

Some of the other Sun Bingo sister sites are Fabulous Bingo, Caesars Bingo and Heart Bingo.

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Fabulous Bingo is an Amazing Jackpotjoy Bingo Sister Site to Play Tiki Island Slot Among Others!

Jackpotjoy is one of the most popular bingo destinations in the United Kingdom and it has come a long way from its origin as only a scratchcard and casino games site.

Jackpotjoy is owned by Gamesys and its reliable, innovative, and high quality services are some of the main reasons for its immense success in this highly competitive field.

As a matter of fact, Gamesys has also provided bingo sites to many of the best brands, which explains why there are quite a few Jackpotjoy sister sites for you to choose from.

Each of these sites is independent of the other, but they all offer excellent gaming and gambling options like Tiki Island slot.

Fabulous Bingo

Fabulous Bingo is a site that was launched by a magazine, pretty much in the same way that Sun Bingo was a spinoff of the tabloid of the same name.

In fact, Fabulous magazine is published with The Sun.

The site has had plenty of time to build a dedicated base of customers. Some of the most interesting features of this site have been mentioned below.

Fancy Bingo Options

The site has four bingo rooms and you can play 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo games here.

It’s possible to buy games at 1p a card, but most of the games are priced at 5p or even 25p per card.

The Sessions Bingo cards are very popular because they offer excellent value for money. You’ll also come across bingo games that are linked across different Gamesys sites.

Excellent Slot Games

There are plenty of regular slot games here, in addition to progressive jackpots, which have fantastic jackpots.

Here too, the slot games are linked across Gamesys sites, and this takes the value of the jackpot to very high levels.

Expect Excellent Promotions

The site offers a 400% welcome bonus and this is one of the best bonuses in the industry.

In addition, you can also get a 50% reload bonus for a maximum of £50.

There’s also an incentive to get your friends to join the site; you’ll get paid £20 when they sign up and deposit money.

You can even earn points from playing on this site, which you can then redeem for free games, gifts or even cash!

The rewards program isn’t the best one in the business, but at least it’s there!

The site excels in the big promotions it offers, with giveaways including cars, fancy vacations and shopping expeditions. What more could you ask for?

Well, there will always be certain things you could want your favourite gambling site to have.

For one, it would be great if Fabulous Bingo could offer free games because most paying customers would like to play a free game now and then. It’s not like they would stop playing paid games entirely!

Another thing that Fabulous Bingo needs very badly is a mobile app. After all, more and more people are choosing to go online using their mobile phones or tablets because of the convenience they offer.

Even so, the site is absolutely fabulous and you’ll have a great time if you play here.

Some of the other Jackpotjoy sister sites are Heart Bingo, Sun Bingo and Caesars Bingo.

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