The Latest Trends Changing the Face of Global Casino Gaming Market

The report on international casino gaming market by Technavio has evaluated the top trends that are actually moving the international casino market. According to Ujjwal Doshi, a lead analyst from Technavio, the increasing growth in tab and smartphone market is expected to put a great impact on the casino gaming market in the coming years. The different sections of the report include the market trends, different challenges, market size, drivers and market forecast.

Below discussed are the top trends that are changing the international casino gaming market:

4 Factors Affecting the Global Casino Market

#1 – Change in Marketing Strategies

It has been seen that almost all the vendors are making their move towards the mobile and online environments in order to target a bigger audience. It is simply due to the fact that online practices have become much popular and convenient to the players. The biggest task for these marketers is to captivate the eyes of as many players as they can through social media and mobile in a customized manner. It is true that the millennial do not prefer watching advertisements and for this reason, it becomes important for the marketers to develop creative, informative and entertaining content. According to Ujjwal, the direct mail has become the most preferred marketing technique when compared to other marketing options.

#2 – Changing Consumer Gambling Habits

When it comes to the online casino gaming market, there has been a great change in the consumer behavior. Social gambling and different other gambling applications have attracted lot many people around the globe. As a result of this, the operators are focusing on increasing the online opportunities and encouraging the use of mobiles to promote creative social gambling games. Since millennial are always looking forward to compete with their friends and interact with other players, they prefer playing social games online. In addition, they are adopting the free to play model in which games can be played for free instead of real money. However, the fact is that the model does not produce the revenue directly.

#3 – Increase in Global Credit and Debit Cards

The different legal issues of different nations pose to be an issue when it comes to online gambling market. In order to encourage tourism, some nations are allowing land-based casino gaming while other countries including Middle East and USA greatly oppose online casino gaming. Nonetheless, these nations cannot put a complete restriction on online casino gaming because users have an alternative to always sign up at the foreign websites with the help of proxy server. They can make the payments through their international debit and credit cards on these sites and can enjoy the games. On the other hand, government acknowledges that fact people gambling on such sites are educated and know about the consequences of over gambling. Thus, it is not banning the websites completely.

#4 – Improved Ties with Hospitality Sector

No doubt, casinos are considered as a source of luxurious entertainment. Casinos have gained popularity for their online games and rewards. The factor of hospitality is somewhere missing in these casinos. Considering the changing needs of the punters and to attract more audience, these casinos are now focusing on their association with hospitality sector. They are planning to integrate with high class hotels and place the slot machines at bars and restaurants. Thus, the value of both the casino and the place will increase.


Technavio being the renowned global technology research and advisory company has provided great information through its report. The analysts of the company have involved both the primary and secondary research technique to bring out the real trends that hold power to change the casino gaming market.

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