Understanding the Different Types of Online Slots

If you have ever visited a casino, land based or on the internet, you would certainly have come across a whole lot of slot games. These games are insanely popular across various demographics, and they attract the maximum numbers of customers at a casino. Slot games have undergone many transformations over the past couple of decades, and their immense popularity has prompted online gaming software companies to pump in a lot of resources to design games that are able to attract and retain the attention of players.

Three Major Categories

Slot games can be divided into three major categories. These are classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Progressive slots are also known as jackpot slots. These are all quite different from each other although they have certain basic similarities. These slot games also have their own clientele who choose them based upon their budget and playing style.

Classic Slots

These are the original slot game that were featured in land based casinos as one armed bandits. The first slot games that were made for online casinos were based upon this earliest type of slot machine. These games usually have three reels. They also have one or three rows. Furthermore, they feature anything from one to five pay lines. These games tend to have very simple graphics and they rarely have bonus features. Besides, the bonus features tend to be very basic. However, these games have a very loyal fan following because they are very enjoyable to play.

People who want the thrill of winning money on small wagers without being encumbered by a back story or complicated bonus features tend to opt for classic slot games. As a matter of fact, many gaming software developers launch brand new slots titles in this category from time to time.

Video Slots

Video slots are the natural progression from classic slots, and these games tend to feature slick animation and fancy sound effects. These games also have interesting themes that add to the overall excitement of playing them. In fact, designers sign up with film studios and comics publishers to design games based upon a particular franchise. Therefore, players can play Marvel superhero slots or even games based upon popular television shows.

These games also offer a complex gaming experience. They tend to have five reels in addition to three rows, although these number can vary. The number of pay lines vary tremendously from game to game, starting with nine in a small game but going all the way up to hundreds. Some video slot games also have thousands of pay lines. Video slot games tend to have multiple bonus features, and many players find these even more exciting than the base game.

The younger generation of slots players has a marked preference for video slots because of their similarity to video games. These players look for a high level of excitement and stimulation, and they get what they want from these games.

Progressive (Jackpot) Slots

Progressive slot games differ from the previous two types of slot games in that their jackpot is not a fixed amount. It does have a minimum level, but it keeps growing whenever people play the game since a small proportion of their wager is added to it. Some progressive jackpots can grow to huge amounts since games across a network of casinos are linked together, thereby increasing the number of people contributing to the pot. Progressive jackpots can be either classic or video slots, but most of them belong to the latter category. The size of the win doesn’t have any relation to the size of the wager (unlike regular slot games), making these games immensely popular with people all over the world.

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